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Episode 104 - Deanna Berry - NIL Opportunities (And Beyond!)

We took a few weeks off but we are back! In this episode of OOH Insider, Deanna Berry, COO at McWhorter Capital Partners, chats about college athlete NIL policies, opportunities for NIL within OOH, and the impact of influencer marketing.
McWhorter Capital Partners is a private equity and real estate investment firm. They help people grow their wealth so they can live more fully and more generously.


NIL gives college athletes the opportunity to monetize their personal brands. Agencies that have had experience with influencer marketing are now evolving into NIL marketing.
College athletes are often viewed as celebrities within their ecosystem. If local businesses invested ad money in college athletes or sports groups then the program and athletes would receive exposure, as well as, raise brand awareness within the community.
“In 10 years, you are just going to really see the bulk of marketing budgets go to outdoor and influencer marketing.” ~Deanna Berry
Brands need a balance between content creation and influencer marketing.
Influencer marketing is not new. The only thing new about it is that every day people can become an influencer and gain a huge following. Celebrities and athletes are not the only ones.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deannaberry/
Company: https://www.mcwhortercp.com
Sign O’ The Times: https://www.theoohinsider.com/669730/9073292-episode-075-sign-o-the-times-featuring-robert-landau-peter-spirer

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