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Oct. 27, 2022

Episode 109 - Airport Advertising Masterclass with Demetria Wideman

Episode 109 - Airport Advertising Masterclass with Demetria Wideman

Demetria Wideman, Vice President of Business Development and Airport Partnerships at ReachTV, chats about how to best reach out and connect to tastemakers on the go.

ReachTV is a linear short-form television network designed for travelers. They create opportunities for audiences to stay informed on the latest news, sports, business, style, and entertainment.


  • One of top challenges within airport advertising is the red tape. Airports have contractual duties to their brands. Advertisers have to be cognizant when making decisions in this space.
  • Travel is a very personal experience. Although travelers are surrounded by hundreds of people, they are attentive and engage with their environment.
  • Television is a communal activity. The content on the screen brings familiarity into foreign environments and allows people to connect to others.
  • ReachTV provides a communal experience for travelers within a high-stress environment. They strive to be a source of connection, trust, and community.
  • ReachTV is exploring ways for brands that advertise on screens to also convert to become the point of purchase in the terminal. 


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