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Sept. 8, 2022

Episode 107 - Transparency and Automation in OOH w/ Mehul Mandalia

Episode 107 - Transparency and Automation in OOH w/ Mehul Mandalia

Mehul Mandalia, Co-founder of Moving Walls, discusses measurement, currency, and standardization within the Asian OOH market.

Moving Walls is an international media technology group specializing in OOH planning, buying, and measurement technology. Their goal is to bring transparency and automation to out-of-home.


  • Measurement is key to scaling out-of-home markets and demonstrating to advertisers why it is worth investing in. Educate brands and agencies on the different measurement systems in ooh.
  • The accuracy of ooh data is often questioned. How sure are you that these were the potential audiences that were exposed to? However, brands invest in this media without knowing data, so any measurement is better than no measurement at all. 
  • Associations in the Asian market are looking to build a single currency. Partnering with solution partners, they can create a guide for the industry to follow and be successful in this market.
  • “You are only going to give confidence to clients once they have an idea that whatever they are investing in is actually being delivered on the screens.” ~Mehul Mandalia
  • Mehul Mandalia predicts that the focus over the next decade is going to be standardization across new markets, formats, how bookings are made, and how industry is discovered.
  • Pay attention to the Indonesian markets. Despite the amount of digital inventory compared to classic inventory being a lot less than other markets, out-of-home is huge here. The country is challenging because it is fragmented into many islands. Even so, there is a huge opportunity for out-of-home to scale.


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