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March 17, 2022

Episode 095 - "A DigiVan and an NFT walk into a pub" w/ Jess Fitzpatrick

Episode 095 -

Jess Fitzpatrick, Senior Media Trader at Buyers and Sellers Media PLC, discusses the power of DigiVans, the NFT market, and creating the best campaign surrounding them.

Buyers and Sellers Media PLC is an out-of-home media wholesaler. They buy digital billboard advertising space in bulk and create national and regional packages for direct to brands and agencies.


  • Buyers and Sellers Media’s model is unlike any others. They supply flexible packages that cater to the customer's needs while providing the best value.
  • DigiVans are an eye-catching way for small businesses or artists to bring their brand directly in front of their target audience. 
  • The NFT market has thrived with DigiVans due to restrictions from other media owners. They promote their content as an art form rather than a call to action.
  • The best campaigns are not the ones that have the biggest return on investment. They are the ones that people remember and change the perception of your brand story.


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