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June 20, 2022

Ad Market Up for 15th Straight Month, But Slowing, TV Ads to TVs That Are Off? And Facebook Gets Sued, Again

Ad Market Up for 15th Straight Month, But Slowing, TV Ads to TVs That Are Off? And Facebook Gets Sued, Again

Ad Market Expands For 15th Month, Continues To Decelerate


Lamar Advertising Company Announces Increase In Cash Dividend on Common Stock


Better Buy: Lamar Advertising vs. Clear Channel Outdoor


Online Advertising Braces For Rocky Road


GroupM Unveils CTV 'Viewability' Initiative, Finds As Much As 10% Of Ads Delivered With TV 'Off'


Facebook Sued For Allegedly Collecting Patient Data From Hospital Sites


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the ad market expands for a fifteenth straight month and lamar issues a dividend that's getting paid this week online advertising bracing for a rocky road ahead as facebook finds itself in the cross hairs yet again this time for allegedly collecting patient data from hospital websites group man vales connect to tvviewability study find out how many adds get served to t vs that aren't even on you heard that right how many adds get served to t vs that are not even on all of this and more on today's ter shet june twentieth two thousand twenty two june twentieth two thousand twenty two happy belated father's day to all the fathers out there this is your terror sheet diving right in first the ad market expanse for a fifteen straight month but that growth slowing according to media post analysis of data from standard media indexes us add market tracker according to that s my analysis of the agency pool data deceleration is attributable entirely to traditional electronic and print medium with out of home and digital soaring in both the first quarter and second quarter through may of this year the most significant shifting advertise spend has been out of home a hundred and seventeen percent compared to two thousand and twenty there are some really interesting nuggets in this data which will be linked in the show note so i encourage you to check it out it appears that with performance marketers adapting to some of the most recent changes to facebook and googles add platforms the emergence of others like amazons d s p spend in digital is up ninety even per cent over two thousand twenty which saw advertisers shifting almost entirely to digital online tactics because of covid lockdowns and if all politics are local then all advertising s local too with radio and out of home the ultimate power couple of local seeing the most growth over the past two years while magazines and newspapers continue to fade second to the growth of digital online out of home and ray are the two channels seeing the most growth over the last two years again with out of home up a hundred and seventeen per cent comparing two twenty twenty to q two twenty twenty two radio up eighty per cent in that same period the radio spending has shown signs of slowing down well out of home hasn't up forty two per cent compared to twenty twenty one while radio is down eleven percent in the year over year analysis spite that growth and digital online it's not all sunshine and rainbows as media post predicts a rocky road ahead for the category overall tripchagry managing director of equity research at global equities research believes the downturn in the economy will prompt advertisers to consolidate the amount spent on advertising to very few select platforms that are working the reference meta facebook google youtube outube short all of that very debatable in today's ever changing digital add landscape great opportunity is here for out of home and that we're able to deterministically target in audience based on real world behavior the data we use is and subjected to the same privacy restriction as data used for targeting adds on line is on a c p m on a relative cost basis obviously out of home offering a great alternative as brands are looking to invest through hallenging months ahead as we look at the challenge that forecast against pull back in the ad spend market is going to be largely caused due to recessionary trend a report published by civic science shows that its inflation and gas prices begin to impact everything from food to health care consumers are holding back when it comes to purchasing some item seventy six percent of americans say that they chose not to purchase an item at the grocery store in the past month because of its high cost people are making cost cutting choices when it comes to health care civicidence data bay on thirty six hundred and forty six responses from may thirty first to june second shows that twenty seven percent of us adults say they could not visit a doctor in the past twelve months for financial reasons and twenty two per cent it's not to purchase their prescription medication for the same cause that's not only troubling on a human to human level but cause for concern and attention as we start setting budgets and goals for the second half the year and thinking about how we go to market and provide value to our clients as we're all going through this at the same time in may lamar advertising company announced an increasing cash dividend on common stock that's going into effect this week the board of directors declared a quarterly cash dividend out of a dollar and twenty twenty since per share payable on the thirtieth the stock holders of lamar's class a common stock class b common stock getting paid today june twentieth on that dividend lamar expects agr quarterly distributions to stock holders in twenty twenty two including the dollar and ten per cent dollar and ten cent per share dividend paid to march thirty first will total four dollars and seventy cent per common share divi year to date so then who's the better buy is that lamar is it clear channel well according to names just wall from snockdusnok news dot com global outdoor ad markets expected to grow to thirty three billion dollars by twenty twenty six and that figure is largely self reported estimate but is considered to be while underestimated directionally accurate lamar's net revenue and twenty one per cent year over to four hundred and fifty one million for the first fiscal quarter compared to forty one percent increase for clear channel and five hundred and wentyfive million dollars respectively lamar's bad grew twenty five and a half per cent to a hundred and ninety one million less net income came in ninety two million representing a hundred and forty percent year over growth with earnings per share up ninety one cents that same time cleared channel but dot came in at sixty six million compared to a loss of thirty two million in the prior year quarter net loss came in at eight nine point seven three million representing a seventy three percent year over year declin and with the second quarter coming to a close annalists expect lamar's revenue to increase another ten percent for the quarter ending june thirtieth and ten per ent in fiscal twenty twenty two the companies are per share to grow seven percent ending in ten days twenty eight percent overall for the year on the other hand clear channel revenue is expected increase twenty eight per cent for the quarter ending on the thirtieth and sixteen per cent in fiscal twenty twenty two earnings per share is expected to grow eighty five percent for the order and eighty three point nine percent in fiscal twenty twenty two as the earnings per shares continue to expected to grow at seven percent over the next five years will outdoor advertising is expected to grow x financially with increasing demand this year and beyond both lamar and clear channel expected to profit from that it seems as though lamar is the better bet for now because of its higher profit margin robust financials and again this all according to stock news dot com from media daily news dot com group unveils at c t v connected tvviewability study finding as much as ten per cent of ads delivered with the t v off the announcement says group m and the media companies are working with standard setting bodies to create a streamline measurement framework and set of best practices to insure adds only counting when delivered to t v screens that are on with people in front of them but ali does not include any explicit reference to the media rating council which has served as the add industry's self regulatory body for setting standards auditing and accrediting measurement services that meet them since the nineteen sixties following the congressional hearing and a consent to creep with the u s department of justice or still that the announcement comes one week day after the m r c held the web on are explaining its standard setting process for audience measurement how it works why it's in a girl to the audience and acreditation processes and it overseas for the u s ad industry the only trade body explicitly cited in the announcement is the i a b which normally works closely with the m r c on setting these industry audience measurement standards the i a b and b glad have been at the forefront of the unique challenges of the c t v space across publishers platforms apps and o ms i b c david coin said in a statement included in the group announcement adding to that the tech lab plans to release an open measurement s d k for the kit for the c t v in the c t v in the third quarter falling behind here on the tele prompter it will also deliver a set off signal and algarythmic assessment around the likelihood that a person is in the room viewing it we commend group and others who look to qualify industry opportunities such as so we look forward to continued education best practice sharing and technical standards to address these areas our video leadership summit happening in just a few short weeks will tackle these issues head on group m said initiative follows the joint study it connected conducted with audience measurement form i spot that quantifies inflated c t v and delivery accounts and reveals that on average eight to ten percent of streaming impressions play with t v is shut off primarily through ancillary devices the group m i spot study also found that seventeen per cent of impressions delivered only through c t v streaming devices such as dong gaming consoles and sticks were delivered when the t v was shut off seventeen percent it's basically one out of every five impressions and advertiser is paying for is literally not being shown to anyone while i've never been a fan of the out of home advertising industry position of always on because it's a little bit too abstract for me apparently literally just being on is enough of a value propose and in twenty twenty two so yo lo out of home it's always on and apparently that's good enough so there's some food for thought if you're investing in connected t v or you know someone who is just assume that twenty ten to twenty per cent of it is going to t vs that are not turned on probably going to be some budgets getting re evaluated while these new guidelines are worked out that's a great opportunity for out of home to help average sers re invest in channels that are always on it because they just can't leave well enough alone facebook is back in the cross airs being sued for allegedly collecting patient data hospital websites just last friday facebook was hit with a law suit alleging it violates users privacy by collecting and monetizing sensitive medical data from hospital websites a maryland resident in me star health patient proceeding as an anonymous john doe alleges in a class action complaint filed friday in a u s district court for the northern district of california the face book knows or should have known that picks track and tool is being improperly used on hospital websites resulting in the wrongful contemporary nous redirection to facebook of patient communications the law suit comes one day after the mark up reported that thirty three of the countries top one hundred hospitals have a facebook picks used for tracking on their websites that pick sentence facebookfacebook i p addresses people who use the hospitals it's to schedule a doctor's appointment according to the mark up researchers at the news organization said they found the facebook pickle inside the password protected patient portals of seven health systems the hospitals may have violated hippo which prohibits doctors in hospital ship from sharing information about patients without their consent according to the mark up that law itself doesn't restrict facebook from sharing data but according to the complaint facebook told users that publishers only send data to facebook if they have the legal right to do so in other words facebook allege ly misrepresented its policies by collecting information from outside websites that weren't supposed to disclose the information facebook knowingly receives patient data including patient porto usage information from hunt rid of medical providers in the united states that have deployed the facebook pick on their web properties the law suit alleges well that's a bad situation that is definitely going to keep getting worse before it gets better now it's really important to know that there is a win in this for out of home and in all of this bad news about data because the key distinction here is how the data is being collected and used when the data is being cole ted and used for the purpose of serving ads online it's subjected to all of the legislation you hear about yet when it's used to observe how audiences move where they spend time and money commercial real estate things like that is no subjected to the same privacy laws this is important because as privacy laws get stricter and makes the targeting available for reaching real audiences in the real world even more powerful and that as to our motion works marketing minute of the day did you know that west virginians are more on the move today than maybe ever before people in the state of west virginia are on the move traveling an average of twenty two point six miles every single day miles travel per day were up in every west virginia d m and c one twenty twenty two versus two thousand nineteen and that's important to note because that's precovid lock down comparison with charleston huntington d a topping the charts up nine per cent to thirty miles a day that was your motion works marketing minute of the day and this has been your tar sheet for june twentieth two thousand twenty to be sure to subscribe and two and tomorrow for more from the front lines