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Episode 111 - The Audio & OOH Relationship w/ Stew Redwine

On this episode of OOH Insider, Stew Redwine, VP of Creative Services at Oxford Road, discusses performance audio advertising and how to implement it in congruence with out-of-home.

Oxford Road is a performance audio advertising agency. They assist innovative companies to connect with new customers through multiple media channels, such as radio, podcasts, etc.


- Performance audio is advertising that, as a business function, is looking to get a direct response from consumers to take immediate action within an attributed window. It is a direct metric to measure if audio advertisements drive sales.
- There are a few different kinds of performance audio: hosted read ads and produced audio, such as jingles; customer testimonies, dramatized scenes, etc. Hosted ads are intimate and authentic, whereas, produced audio is entertaining and engaging.
- Visuals are passive images processed by your brain, but audio needs to be processed and translated in your mind. It is an intentional and intimate experience for listeners.
- Combining out-of-home advertisement with performance audio can create impactful campaigns, if done correctly.
- “When you do performance audio well, the branding comes free.” ~Stew Redwine
- If you want to encourage consumers to fill out a post purchase survey, then you need to make it worth their while.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stewredwine/
Oxford Road: https://oxfordroad.com/