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Episode 106 - Shane Hutton - Everyone Needs Billboards!

Shane Hutton, CEO of TastyAd, chats about how to involve the general public in out-of-home advertisement and best practices for creative teams.
Billboard4Me.com is a service that offers billboards to the general public. These billboards can be used to celebrate birthdays, congratulations, anniversaries, memorials, and more on a day-to-day basis.


Everyone needs billboards! Without the general public advertisers would not have out-of-home advertisement. Billboard4Me’s goal is to get the public more involved in out-of-home.
Creating ads for the public gets the community more involved and encourages them to look up at billboards. This content is relevant to the community and provides intrinsic value for advertisers.
Use a brand’s known factors, such as color scheme or fonts, and current campaigns/offers to establish credibility with advertisers in the spec art stage. This shows prospective clients that you have done your homework on that brand.
There’s a difference between good creative and good out-of-home creative.
There’s a scale in terms of how effective a creative can be. The more time the creative team is allowed to create an ad, the more time there is for research and understanding a brand.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tshanehutton/
Tasty Ad: https://www.tastyad.com
Billboard4Me: https://billboard4me.com
Merchandise: https://www.billboardstuff.com

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