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June 17, 2022

The Power of OOH for Streaming Platforms & The Online Ad Platform We Should Model

The Power of OOH for Streaming Platforms & The Online Ad Platform We Should Model

We Know a Little Bit More About Netflix’s Advertising Plan


Video streaming platforms return to splurge on outdoor advertising


Mark Boidman, PJ Solomon video...

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Prime Video’s OOH campaign blasts onto the streets


3 Big Advantages Of Native Advertising


How Companies Should Invest in a Downturn


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more news is coming out about the new netflix add supported experience and how more streaming platforms are turning to out of home advertising to drive new user growth and we'll discuss how the evolution of one specifi online add forment may hold the key to unlocking real adoption by digital marketers using out of home to scale this is the tear sheet for june seventeenth two thousand twenty two welcome to out of home inside or daily the tear sheet for media executives business development people advertising enthusiasts alike the concept of the tear sheet it takes its roots in the world of finance from an old practice where stock brokers would tear a sheet out of their summary book to give investors a stock recommendation and while this isn't a show about hot stocks or financial tips it is meant to be run down of the news that's relevant to our business and to offer some perspective for you to consider when processing it first on netflix netflix told us it was bringing adds to the streaming party in two thousand twenty two and it still hasn't revealed exactly how reports are slowly trickling in the reported plan sounds comparable to those on services like ma on prime video and lo in the roku channel and co cast peacock for that matter but vastly different for a service that has for years been focused on interruption free subscription based binding the company is real thinking everything from password sharing to how a green light shows as it recovers from its seventy two percent stock nose dive but the proposals now underscore how much it's banking and delivering that cheaper subscription to you in time for a holiday gift this year because it's the thought that counts thanks so much netflix so as netflix moves to this add supported model similar to that of his amazon prime streaming service in lu how will they continue to acquire new users and customers well there may be some strong evidence that this is the case for out of home the challenge with digital platforms and echo systems is really new reach over time digital platforms have struggled struggled with the challenge of becoming silos or echo chambers and having a hard time finding new customers out of live mint dot com comes this news about video streaming platforms video streaming platforms are going big on outdoor advertising as people step out of home after close to two years of covid induced lock down the co of hoichi bengali streaming service said out door advertising is impactful and reaches a mass audience at the same time we ope for the hoardings or cut outs or bill boards at primary locations across cities and areas with high football to reach maximum impact in reach this approach while being used in tor one cities is actually more impactful in two or two and two or three cities where traditional methods of advertising work even better that's from the co of hoychoy that's not me saying that's the cfoidchoice streaming service that have been gally saying that to or two and two or three markets are the most impact ful outdoor advertisement and form viewers about their app as well as offline offering s that they have available through retail store p j solomon's mark boyman's been very on the record about exactly this and we're gonna try to share this and let's let's see if i don't screw it up too bad here we got to share and we're gonna click that we're going to do this and this is like take seventy five so here's mark bodman oh m yeah and with the recent prime video campaign for hit series the boys the super hero drama that shows the slightly darker side of being gifted with the powers of flight and see through walls prime video t v series the boys is breaking the fourth wall with a creative installation from i p g rufus billy media and fantom bill stickers the unmissable out of home campaign promoting the launch the series is third season is brought to life with an activated billboard featuring ke actor carl urban shooting laser beams out of his eyes and appearing to destroy a car the activated bill board is supported by large street for mat posters l d lighting in a burnt out car together providing passers by with a truly theatrical experience prime video billy media and rufus understood how to harness the scale and power of the fantom bill stickers network giving them the freedom to bring this to life and everyone involved with the project has been extremely proud of its success that coming from curson lowery fantoms director ben pool co founder billy media says this execution was a true show case of the power of outdoor advertising it has been the centerpiece of the boys outdoor campaign in auckland and it's grabbed the attention of mutters generated a huge amount of buzz online and ultimately got people talking about the new season of the show the boys execution is a great example of the opportunity that exists within this real world channel to stand out while also creating a unique ability to live in the outline world says pool rohan prasad co founder of billy media says seeing the interest from the public that the site generates and the sharing of it on social med has been amazing there is so much untapped potential in the creative outdoor space and billy media is raring to champion this medium to marketers while the idea of adds that don't look like is native to the out of home advertising industry it is not native for the internet which makes this next piece out of forbes very interesting when applied to the context of our business out of forbes three big advantages of native advertising native adds are adds that don't look like adds they're typically found at the bottom of a news page and today this modern marketing strategy is b looked at as a blue ocean opportunity businesses are beginning to discover its power large small regional small mom and pop to big national international brands and you've definitely seen these types of ads they look like articles but they're actually paid adds the first advantage of native advertising is that it doesn't disrupt a users content experience neither just out of home the most distinctive feature that puts native adds at the our front is that they don't disrupt the user for instance you tube ads still use the same tactic as t v in the sixties when you're watching a certain video and add pops up you're forced to watch it turn away close your eyes go make sandwich in case and in any case you're disrupted from your viewing experience second advantage is that native adds aren't dependent on consistently changing algorithms most companies advertise on big social platforms facebook youtube instagram but many are getting more disappointed than ever these platforms are losing slack by being inconsistent changing up algorithms often and increasing add prices and in an ad platforms in onsistent makes planning ahead of time very difficult because of that businesses are more likely to leave the platform since it might weaken the scaling process is an opportunity for out of home we don't interrupt anybody's content experience we don't depend on any sort of algorithm their signs on sticks in the ground they gave ourselves like the native a platform that we are really starts to draw parity between aline platforms such as native advertising online the third advantage according to forbes is the ability to scale if you've run bigger campaigns in the past especially on facebook you might have noticed that cost to acquire a customer increases as you spend more so when you're trying to scale a facebook campaign to aggressively a winning campaign can turn into a losing one very fast quite rankly the c p will explode and every price increase that you experience ultimately makes it unprofitable and challenging to continue doing that on top of that popular add platform such as facebook or instac only makes space dfor a certain number of adds to be displayed to keep up with the best user experience so this means if there's more demand during busy time such as black friday or christmas that add space gets tighter and at some point scaling becomes impossible no matter how much you have in budget and that's really the beauty of out of home there are no limitations on how much share of voice you can buy except for your budget when you can out of home on a cost per thousand impression basis there are very few online tactics native advertising included that can even come close so what does it all mean we need to start thinking about out of home as a native add platform because we really start to unlock the power of our channel for the same reasons that digital markers online love native adds except ours are way bigger just as determined targeted based on real world behavior versus outline platforms that guests at behaviors and demographic psychographics and we're significantly more engaging as we've heard earlier from the co of hoichi as demonstrated by the amazing offline camp pains carried out by online platforms and that's your ter shet for june seventeenth two thousand twenty two make sure to subscribe or follow wherever you're getting this information and we'll have more from the front lines tomorrow