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June 16, 2022

Sports Betting, The Economy and Ad Spend, and a New Startup Emerges

Sports Betting, The Economy and Ad Spend, and a New Startup Emerges

From Globe Street...

New Fed Numbers Show Zero GDP Growth at Best


From Legal Sports Report...

Data Shows Sports Betting Advertising Blitz Has Massive Scope


From Venture Beat...

What Advertisers Need to Know About the Federal Privacy Law


From AdWeek...

What Advertisers Need to Know About the Federal Privacy Law


From Yahoo Finance...

Advertising Technology Startup, Sustainable Skylines, Emerges from Stealth Mode


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this is the terror sheet from june sixteenth two thousand twenty two the concept of the tear sheet takes its roots in the world of finance from an old practice where stockbrokers that the s and p would tear a sheet out of their summary books give investors a stock recommendation while this show isn't about hot stocks or financial tips is meant to be a rundown of the news that's relevant to our business and to offer some perspective for you to consider when prop using it this show will not replace the out of home inside or guest spotlights that feature the best and brightest minds in and around out of home you'd rather compliment as a part of your daily battle plan everything you hear abou and every show will be linked in the show notes that you can follow along follow up or share with a colleague or client first from globe street first in order of occurrence the atlanta fed g d p tracker just indicated an update of estimated second quarter economic growth zero per cent then came the moment many had been steeling themselves for the federal open market committee of the federal reserve raised its bench mark interest rate by seventy five basis points the largest since nineteen ninety four according to multiple outlets and a jump up from the fifty basis points increase that the fed had previously telegraphed mitchell rosan senior director and head of real estate at yield street tells globe street dot com the increase in rates is likely to have a net ive impact on asset prices as potential buyers are expected to face higher borrowing costs and lenders will likely be cutting down leverage so the property can cover high interest expenses however as interest rates continue to increase more and more people will look to put off their home buying decisions which should result in higher occupancy and tighter rental markets within the multi family sector commercial real estate so what should you do as an advertiser considering all these things lead with more office offer based messaging you're looking to capture the now buyer remember that for any given product or service there are only two to three per cent of your target audience actively in the market for the thing you sell that's likely even lower now and the buy considerations are changing to more price point and value driven consideration that's why the opportunity to focus on more top of final efforts to create affinity stand out as a strong constant leader in your cat worry in the eyes of your audience during trying times is so important people want to be associated with a winning team and just because we may slow down from a sales front doesn't mean that people are going to shopping especially in hard times we like to think about a better reality we like to keep shopping for the things that we want to buy out of legal sports report dot com from september two thousand twenty one through may two thousand twenty two us sports betting operators spending estimated two hundred and eighty two million dollars on t v advertisements that's a significant gain com to the prior year with spending jumping two hundred and eighty one percent the report notes with mobile betting live and twenty states there are still plenty of potential markets to grow spending the growth leaves for additional future advertising the buried lead in this report is this from an impression standpoint forty percent of the impressions bought were driven at the local level versus a national or regional broadcast level out of home advertising is the ultimate local medium it's the definition of local so if sports betting is legal or about to be legal in your state here at the top sports betting spenders buy impressions bought on t v fan to all leads sports betting add impressions fandolsportsbook accounted for thirty four per cent of the total add impressions according the report so that's fan dal coming in big at thirty four per cent caesar's sports book twenty one point seven percent of the impressions bought draft kings eighteen point six percent of the impressions bed m g m thirteen point four and fox bet at seven point five what that tells you is that the field is wide open thing about sports betting is that in terms of market leaders isn't a defined one there's great opportunities for brands to take that local approach without spending the level of these five while having the impact that they're looking for using the exact same strategy but doing it more efficiently thus creating a competitive advantage in the market for themselves caesar's dominates the n l season from november first through the super bowl casar sports book accounted for sixty six per cent of the estimated national adspendaccordng to i spots report that spending made up fifty one percent of the add impressions during that time nearly seventy five percent of the total add spending occurred during the fl betting season from september through february and n f l program attracted forty two and a half per cent of that ad spent specifically serving adds against the games the n b a ranked second with seven point nine percent of add impressions and speaking of games this week the i a b re launched some guide lines from measuring the effectiveness of in game advertising and eventually adds in the meta verse it was the first time since two thousand nine that the i b standard body for the game and industry game and add industries took such an action when the i b released its current standard of in game admeasurement standards in two thousand nine video games and advertising technology were in a vastly different stage of development the updated state i will address few ability measurement in activity and fraud with it with intrinsic in game adds bringing them up to par with the rest of digital media for instance an add has to be viewed for at least three seconds before it gets credit for being viewed that's one way to circumvent any ad fraud related to viewing zoe soon from the i b said gaming represents a huge opportunity for marketers with two hundred and twenty seven million games in the u s and over three billion globally by the end of this year it's in major entertainment channel especially for gens next generation of household decision makers and spenders are inside of those game platforms now i can tell you that is the case because my son watches you tube games playing video games on our living room t v while you guess that he plays the game he is watching them play at the same time it's not it's not the metaverse but it is so bad advertising technology start up sustainable skylines emerges from stealth mode sustainable skylines and advertising technology company re inventing arial advertising with hybrid drone technologies advanced data analytic has emerged from south mode sustainable skylines is on a mission to re invent the arial advertising industry with hybrid drone technologies and advanced data analytic yep seriously planes pulling banners with data and analytic let's raking go operating in stealth mode for the past two years the company has been working to bring this drone advertising in to life along with developing computer vision and ai technologies for their audience analytic platform the management team is made up of seasoned operators from related industries and big date and advertising the founder and chief executive officer officer jacob stone cypher is formerly senior director at the private equity inventor capital data and research for pitch book data where he structured data feed a pi platform subscriptions he's joined by the c m o tim carlyle formers senior executive at public is where he helped lead proctor and gambles brand strategy brenda stone cypher c f certified c p held numerous sweep positions as well as their chief research sir paul denado an advertising industry veteran and the former chief reach off chief research officer at nelson and lastly from the world of privacy laws and legislation nearly every week there's a new story about location data being packaged and sold said katrina fitzgerald deputy director electronic privacy information center during tuesday's review of the bill the house committee on emergency and emergency energy energy and commerce emergency might be around energy for decades people have been tracked online their data is being sold to marketers sometimes most of the without their consent and while companies have continued to innovate congress wants to keep pace so there are specific guidelines within this within this legislation that is really going to enable and empower the consumer the bill is called the american data privacy and protection act a d p p for short if that's really any shorter it's slated to go into effect a hundred and eighty days or six months after it is passed there's less likelihood for the bill to pass before november's mid term elections however congress is currently collecting feedback on the bill the i p p gives americans the right to the right over their privacy including the right to sue tech companies that violate it this comes as a blow to the tech industry that has long fought such provisions and state wide privacy laws however this doesn't go in effect after the law is passed four years after the law is passed it still ways out bill gives people the right control their data and opped out of targeted advertising preventing their data from being sold without their permission bottom and is this privacy is a good thing as american citizens we have god given rights one of which is the right to our privacy with that being said these restrictions only serve to make online advertising that much harder and incentivized more wild gardens by platforms like google an amazon to create their own at echo system for reaching their users while a lot of people do use google and amazon up until recent lwallmart was still the largest market place in the world and there are more options for browses to become as we become more privacy minded consumers which makes for an even more fractured online experience than the literal journeys we take in our daily lives in the physical world this means that real world behavior al targeting for out of home advertising only becomes more powerful as these restrictions are put in place that's it for today make sure to subscribe and follow from more up dates from the front line tomorrow