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April 14, 2022

Episode 099 - Creative Over Everything w/ Wes Frick

Episode 099 - Creative Over Everything w/ Wes Frick

The most important part of the return on OOH is (no doubt) the creative. On this episode of OOH Insider, Wes Frick, Freelance Billboard Designer at Wes Frick Designs, discusses his top tips and tricks for creating a successful billboard design.

Wes Frick Designs is devoted to developing powerful out-of-home designs and strategic campaigns. He seeks to change the world through the capabilities of out-of-home advertising.


  • An established company website and/or social media is essential for a successful billboard. If there is no website or social media then the billboard is producing awareness without a place to take action.
  • In sales and relationship building, people don’t remember what you say, but they do remember how you made them feel.
  • Top 3 mistakes businesses make when designing a billboard:

1) Wrong messaging - Create a message that targets the customer versus displaying the brand. A billboard’s goal is not to show what the business is, but why the customer should choose it.
 2) Simplicity - It is mandatory to keep the design simple in this medium. Demand attention from your audience through an iconic symbol or message.
 3) Location - Artwork needs to be customized to every location. Creative can blend into the surroundings or messaging can be too small depending on the billboard location.

  • Understand how an audience behaves and moves in order to unlock underpriced and unvalued opportunities.
  • Out-of-home is a powerful tool for nonprofit awareness and advocacy. Reach people where they are.


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