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Dec. 27, 2021

Episode 089 - Uniting An Industry w/ Becky Smith

Episode 089 - Uniting An Industry w/ Becky Smith

Get ready for a super interesting episode this week! Becky Smith, Enterprise Manager at IBOUSA, discusses how we can unite as an industry and secure a seat at the table.

IBOUSA is a networking group of independent business operators. They are a for-profit business that operates on a non-profit basis. Their out-of-home network comes together a couple of times a year to share new technologies and ideas at IBO conferences.


  • IBO represents over 90,000 faces in their network. The IBO Speedway is a free platform that acts as a liaison between advertisers and the network’s inventory.
  • IBO is actively looking for a standard unit of measurement for data. The Media Rating Council is currently creating an auditing method for out-of-home.
  • Conferences are a great way to learn best practices from other industry leaders. Twice a year, IBO organizes a three-day conference for associates to network and share experiences.
  • Image quality is everything! Having high-quality approach shots for your inventory is a crucial visual for advertisers.


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