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Dec. 2, 2021

Episode 086 - Tim Rowe's Path to OOH w/ Noah Peshkopia

Episode 086 - Tim Rowe's Path to OOH  w/ Noah Peshkopia

A change up this episode! Instead of being the interviewer, Tim becomes the interviewee! Noah Peshkopia, Geopath Certified student at Centenary University, switches things up on this episode of OOH Insider.  Get the inside scoop on his origin story, the birth of OOH Insider, and advice for upcoming OOH advertisers.


  • Tim found that if clients added out-of-home in their campaigns then their organic traffic, direct traffic, and conversion goals consistently rose.
  • Hosting a podcast is one of the most powerful ways to develop relationships learn from professionals within the industry.
  • One Screen is a marketplace for advertisers to find the best out-of-home medium for their campaign.
  • Out-of-home creates new opportunities for brands to drive organic traffic to their websites, profitably grow and scale their companies.
  • “It’s never been harder to market, but also never been easier. You see so many ads per day. It is easy to get out there, but hard to make it stick because there is so much content.” - Noah Peshkopia
  • Key advice from Tim Rowe "Be open-minded to companies and roles. The job market has changed drastically in the past few years."


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