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June 22, 2022

Pizza, Pizza! Big News For Volta EV and...can someone just build this for OOH?!

Pizza, Pizza! Big News For Volta EV and...can someone just build this for OOH?!

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Articles Referenced Today...

Little Caesars Becomes The NFL's Official Pizza


Catalina, Volta Partnership Propels DOOH at EV Charging Stations


Drift Introduces Drift Deal Room to Streamline Collaboration Between Buyers and Sellers at Scale


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little caesars becomes the nfl's official pizza catalina and volta partner to propel digital out of home at ev charging stations and what did this text start up uncover about the b b sales process and how can we all learn from it all of this and more on today's insider daily ter sheet for june twenty second two thousand twenty two little caesars becomes the nfl's official pizza little caesars is working on touchdown dance announcing a multi year partnership with the national football league that pushes pizza onto the sidelines after a four run and gives the detroit based little caesars a mighty platform as it continues its rapid expansion little caesars based in detroit is no stranger to sports the world's third largest peace chain is owned by lige holdings which also owns the detroit tigers and the detroit red wings hockey franchise the chains main selling points is always been hot and ready pizza always ready for pickup but in twenty twenty it lawn the pizza industry is the lowest price delivery at the super ball the fl de offers little cesars instead of exclusive marketing rights including social media games new products new packaging and unique promotions it says in it nouncement according to technomic little caesars had an estimated four point two three billion in sales domino slices the largest at eight point six four and young brand pizza hut comes in at five point five billion but the c m c report that the f ls partnership deals and there are more than forty of these types of deals typically three to seven years start with a price sag of ten up to two hundred million dollars a year so what does pizza pizza and the nfl have to do with out of home well it really aligned with what we've been talking about over the past few days that in a battle for market share challenger brands like little caesars have to find ways to consistently out kick their coverage and figure it out along the way that is to say they have to do more with less this investment in the partnership is a big bet for the low price leaders so it makes sense to amplify that invest by letting the world know with the only fully connected native ad network in the world that's out of home tell me you don't want to see the little caesar hanging off a billboard as an extension or the really fun now type triggers based on a million different factors programatically you can find a bunch of different reasons to push a timely offer or capture the imagination of the audience you're already investing so heavily in by using a format two in the real world since that's where we eat pizza in the real world just saying catalina and volta partner to propel digital out of home at ev charging stations and newly announced partnership between the real time shopper intelligence platform catalina and volta the ev charging network is set to boost digital out of home advertising stations across more than two dozen states new offering connects catalina's retailer network with voles charging stations so that brands and agencies can unlock insights and measure sales as a result of their displays volta v charging stations are located at the entrances to popular retail grocery and entertainment venue and they feature large digital display screens for advertising with that new partner in place all of the campaigns on volta screens will be able to track incremental sales lift at the store level for retailers on catalina's add platform catalina's measurement service uses location data to determine is exposed to an ad and then who leverages the company's identity graph to understand of those exposed who made a purchase pretty exciting stuff for sure for volta and not that i have a dog in this fight since i learned it i figure i'll share it with you i didn't know that the volta stations are actually designed as add units to reach they're not designed to reach the drivers of v cars ultima their reach to their design to reach the people that are driving by or walking past their design for maximum exposure to vehicular pedestrian traffic so it's like a really boozy bust with the add design to be seen most impact fully by the folks passing by except instead of a bus stopping in front of it it's probably a tesla and it's outside of the whole food and this next story while it isn't specifically about advertising it is about making the process of buying stuff suck less drift the conversation cloud company announced the launch of drift deal room which serves as a shared digital space to make buying for business easier consolidating shared content and conversations between both parties into a single place drift deal room modernizes how businesses sell fostering collaboration between sellers and buyers at a time when bob sales cycles are more complex than ever before drifts latest offerings help sales representatives navigate today's intricate sale cycle by reducing the time between meeting stream lining enabling more flexible discussions between the two parties and decreasing the number of touch points per deal for buyers drift deal room provide v i p customers experience at ont consolidates vital content and communications into a single place according to gardner b b deals have increased by over thirty percent to an average of five point four decision makers in two thousand fifteen to more than ten in two thousand and twenty two so here's my ask with all the back and forth it takes to sell something or industry all the back and forth it takes to buy it with all the back forth it takes to execute and report on it we need to tact platform to build a digital room for out of home because someone just build an environment where i can collaborate with brands on their campaigns while simultaneously co ordinating with media owners and keeping those conversations separate so it's easy for everyone to just focus on their piece of the puzzle how many emails spread sheets maps photo sheets pops et cetera go back and forth just to launch one single bill board let alone a campaign let alone multiple campaigns let alone multiple campaigns and multiple markets with multiple partners it's time we're ready we still may be using spread sheets because well cell as it turns out is pretty dark and powerful and convenient but a digital room now that's something that would be useful and did you know did you know that despite record high gas prices miles travel continue to surpass pre pandemic levels by as much as seven percent that means if a driver drove twelve thousand miles a year pre pandemic that they're now driving another sixteen miles a week or so knowing that a lot of folks are still working from home or converted to more hybrid work environments this stat is even more interesting leading to a hypothesis that we're making more requent localized trips implications for out of home is obviously greater value to the brands using the format and expanding reach but especially an increasing frequency adding an extra eight hundred and forty miles to that twelve thousand a year understanding that is become largely localized and more of those day trips trip chaining that your motion works marketing minute of the day and that's your terror sheet that's your terror sheet for june twenty second two thousand twenty two be sure to subscribe or follow and tune in tomorrow for more from the front line