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March 30, 2020

OOH Insider - Episode 022 - Jonnathan Trilleras, How is COVID impacting advertising?

OOH Insider - Episode 022 - Jonnathan Trilleras, How is COVID impacting advertising?

Being able to access Insiders during unprecedented times may just be the key to retaining your sanity.

Hearing what other people are going thru, experiencing, how they are handling all of it...well, it may just be what the doctor ordered.

Looking for insight on how a real-world media owner is handling everything from staffing to clients? 

Here it is.

Want to know where your opportunity is, as a brand, to save the year and make 2021 the best year ever? 

Here it is.

Need a book recommendation?

Here it is.

Jonnathan is a great guy who cares and shares in equal distribution all with the same goal - help others.

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Welcome to the out of home insider show, the loudest voice in out of home. We're bringing you tips, tricks and insider insights, I guess, today. Very special. And a dear friend of mine, personally, Jonathan  from led truck media and Jonathan. Thanks for joining. Thank you, man. Appreciate it. You said the last thing you're getting there, dude.

I've practiced. You've got to understand. I've practiced there. Coco. Cool. So what's going on? I wanted to kick it off cause we were just starting to talk about a topic that's really sensitive right now. And that's the current climate, you know, what's going on in the world and how different companies are handling it.

You were just starting to say something. I think that is going to be really important about France and how France is handling everything that's going on? What are they doing? So, I mean, that's how I deal with, I know the French people, my wife is French. Obviously a lot of my friends are French. Again, obviously right now, there is, there is the best situation for everybody.

But, uh, I think when you compare, um, countries that have the mentality of, uh, mandatory vacation, for example, in France, they have a two week military vacation, uh, in a year and these mandatory, you actually have to take it. Right. I love, I just love that. I love that regardless of a Corona virus or not.

Right. And, uh, absolutely. I mean, and again, it does one, like literally, you know, Um, so my wife goes consulting for a company that, uh, they might have, in fact, your hack tops, for example, in August, do it, you can call the office, nobody's working legally. Like, you know, everybody's just relaxing and having fun.

Yeah. The hospitality business still works for sure. And by the contract goes through a, like a 30 to 40% level right here. People are getting desperate and making decisions out of desperation right now. Um, it is a scary situation. Um, but I think it's a controllable situation. I think, uh, media, you know, we're listening to much of the things that are happening without understanding really what it is.

A lot of people aren't doing the research and then, you know, there was a joke in a social media. So post, it was like, Um, have you enjoyed your 30 day free trial of communism? You know, that's the, you know, that's the scary part, but in a sense, look, I mean, if you had a mandatory two week vacation, right? If you're a business owner will be different because business owners really take vacations, you know, unless you, when you're buying, but, uh, um, You know, people need to learn how to actually take this in a positive way, some way somehow.

Right? How are you, how are you taking it in a positive way? Right now? You've got a company. You've got employees, you've got drivers, you've got all these things hanging in flux, but you're handling it really well. W why? How is that? I mean, first and most was that the first week was obviously I was in the, now the week before.

And then, um, when we. Obviously cancellations, everything we spoke before and, uh, it got really bad, but you know, there is nothing I can do about it right now. I was talking to my therapist about, you know, there's nothing I can do about it. There's nothing I can do about it. But there's one that I do always complain about it is that a.

The lack of time. I have a to-do list of things that have been lack, you know, because lack of time I have a baby. Yeah. Family, you know, we run our businesses. Um, so it's hard. And then the other thing is that. It's been such a long time that, and actually didn't get up for like myself, like, and without distractions, neither, you know, like in a positive note, the fact that you can not go out and have drinks and get drunk, none of this stuff.

Right. So the first, the last week I was really at my partner's house. You know, I was with that man in south Florida. And then, uh, I took his son to very relaxed workout, a lot kind of plan. And again, there is nothing I can do right now. I have to like prioritize. So now this week I'm going to my to-do list, things that I have planned to do that we working with Julie, and then, you know, like, Some sort of dice, right.

But again, taking it easy, spending time with my daughter. Um, you know, it's a time to also a lot of people are complaining about being home with kids, because again, they're always in the worst, right? They're always busy, you know, they're no use to, to have that. You've got to manage it. And I think if we all calm down a little bit more stuck by it, he came in and started game use in our time.

Um, effectively, like, um, I don't know how many, well, I know a lot of people are going to be at a job right now, but, um, if there, there are people out there that being fired. A lot of times, and then being on unemployment and things like that many times throughout the lifetime, right. Or at least, you know, let's say an average person.

I got to be not a job before, you know, when I was in my twenties. And, um, I remembered that I always utilize that time to kind of build something and get me going. Just like you do, you know, you're networking, you're doing your LinkedIn. You're doing. Um, I think that people are scared because they're jobs, but they're no utilizing their time to actually do something about it.

What else can I do? There are no focusing on the solutions. They focusing on their problems and then inside. So then, then you go and everybody is really touchy about things that press and things like that. Hey, you know, it's, uh, you know, it's complicated, but I think, uh, you know, w w we innovators, we created people and, you know, there's plenty of ways right now that you can actually do.

If you need to entertain yourself, or if you need to invest your time into something a bit. Look, I don't read to be honest with you. I don't, I'm not as a book reader, I'd read a car, audio, audio guy. Do you listen to stuff? Podcasts, not pres YouTube, but books. And I'm like, then I started reading. And what are you reading?

Uh, here. Surely say, what do we got for the book suggestion?

The four agreements, the four agreements. Great book. Yeah. Great book. Yeah. Yeah. I liked it a lot. Uh, still read is unbranded again. Um, yeah, pretty cool. And, uh, I, I think it's a book that people should take advantage and read right now because it's really relevant right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think, uh, You know, making those little things, little changes, try new things.

You know, you have the time now to get by the show, but you shouldn't do this stuff that you wouldn't be able to do it totally. Like know before we came on here. Right. And we're texting back and forth and I'm running a few minutes late because I'm building an Amazon Alexis skills so that you can say, Alexa, start my joke break and get a funny joke about Marcus.

Um, and then selfishly on the back end, whenever you get exhausted and don't want any more jokes, there's a little plug for the show in, at the end, when I woke up how to create an Alexa skill, but it's in review right now with Amazon. And with any luck it'll be live this afternoon. Yeah, it's a cool gadget.

I don't like Alexa, but it's. Yeah. Like I don't even own one. I'm going to go next door to my neighbors. I sit on the test on there. I don't even know. What did you do in those little things that you've had these to lists, right? It's, it's, it's our own personal honeydew list. All those things we want to check off.

I made a website for the show. I'm running ads right now on social media to send people to the show, to consume more content. We've got the, you know, the Alexa app coming out or the skill, however you call it. Doing this say so. So how about like, all right, you've got employees, you've got a team counting on you.

How are you managing that? Because you seem pretty calm, cool, collected right now. And I know that there's a lot of folks who are sort of looking for a low, a little bit of a reprieve. What can you tell other entrepreneurs, other folks who have people count on them? Well, uh, Honestly, um, cashflow really, you know, you, that I have your backups, that doesn't matter if it's, uh, I mean it's liquidity and everything, but you always gotta get about how about, um, what we're doing right now.

Uh, we go in grassroots in a sense, uh, my plan is to start developing a local marketing program. And, um, and, and again, you know, a whole of my agencies, I'm calling, um, everybody's said, look how we can work together. You know, whatever. Okay. Um, my goal is to keep my guys busy. Right. Um, in a sense I'm hopeful because I don't know what's the qualification for these guys to get these checks that they were going to be sent out and things like that.

Right. Um, But I think, you know, that's going to bite us, set out, you know, since you know, between what they can get from unemployment and we can get credits and, you know, if we get a new one or no, I don't know. But, and the other hand, um, I'm going out to the community. So San Diego, LA Miami local businesses, and how can I help you?

Right. So like today, for example, you're not going out pitching, you're just asking how. Yes, I'm not pitching, I'm just talking to help. Okay. So today, for example, we have a meeting here in San Diego where the Hugh crest business community, and then, uh, which my friend is a matter of doing the restaurant and everything is just speak up.

Everything's flows, whatever requirement. Okay. But let's, let's let people know. Where, you know, what's open, you know, you got it, you know, and, you know, whatever, just give me some food, give me food, new drinks. I don't care. You know, but at least I can keep my driver going, you know, keep it steep. And everybody cooks 20 bucks, you know, tentacles, you know, for the driver for the gas.

So they need, you know, But at least keep it going and they help some way somehow. Right. Obviously we trying to get into the health department and almost stuff like everybody else. Um, it's, uh, it's a long road. It's a long shot. Really. Um, even if you get business, when are you going to get paid? You don't know like six months.

Right. Even if you do it right. And it's still gonna cost. So, um, we're trying to, to again, just keep the guys we see. Cause right now I'm telling my guys slow down. Don't worry about we'll figure something out this week. We got away how we end it probably by Friday, Saturday, and see like, people are going to start realizing what they got to do.

Yeah. And, and easing, this load is going to take advantage. Now you can actually wait until that happens or you can actually be proactive and do something about it. Okay. Yes. Everything is an expense. And we understand that not every business like our business, not trying to buy that. I know if I able to help them build those relationships, they're going to come back later for sure.

Because they always do. And then at minimum, you'd be developed some friendships and a meaning when you get some PR, right? At least for advertising, you're talking to people you're out there. You're still present. Rick Robinson had a, had a great line today that be visible in the streets is, is really approved for life.

Right? Hey, I'm still here. I didn't go anywhere. And that offers some sort of reassurance to the business community, to the community. It's. Um, probably even for yourself gives you some of that validation. Like, Hey, we're still here. We're doing productive things because I'm thinking about it as like a timeline.

So we got sent home work from home last Tuesday and the announcement came last Monday afternoon. Right. So that Tuesday, Wednesday, it was the uncertainty. Oh my gosh, are we really doing this? So we really working from home. This is, I can't believe this schools are getting, let out or doing all these other things.

And then by the end of the week, it's okay, we're doing this. And it's going to be for the foreseeable future. I feel like this is the first week where people are really saying, okay, we've adjusted to this new tempo. We know it's going to come back. Eventually. We don't know when that's going to be. So we're cautiously optimism.

Um, D do you agree, are you getting the same feeling that this week things have started to normalize as we're in like week two warranty? Yeah. I think people are starting to realize, again, my main, not everybody, a lot of people obviously can work from home, you know, they're the hospitality business or industry, or, you know, things like that.

But, um, Uh, they have to, the ones they can, um, they get, they got to get used to it. Um, a lot of people with kids at home school, um, I think that this is a great moment to embrace because it's a moment of change.

Is pushing people to other, to the limits that they never, uh, they never had before. Right. Everybody needs security. Right. Um, a lot of people love to go to work. A lot of people do work from home, but they also like me, but I need to come out to get out, you know, like, oh my God. You know? Um, but I want to get dog food yesterday.

I probably drove around for an hour just to drive around, get out of the house. It just took long back roads and tried to get lost. But, uh, in the census, like it's pushing people to the limit, like, okay, I gotta, I gotta get used to, to a new lifestyle in a week. How am I going to get this done? You know what a really good point, right?

You've been doing it your whole adult life. However long. That is one way I wake up. I go to work Monday through Friday nine to five in the hospitality or retail business. I'm working nights and weekends, and now it's, Hey, you can't go outside. You can't even talk to other people like don't be close to anyone.

Use Justin worse than that. This is a test for humanity. Right, because elaborate on that. Well, you know, United States, for example, with a strong country, right. And I'm sure we'll come back. I'm sure other countries, they don't, they don't, you know, like Columbia, for example, I mean, you know, you stop working like, dude, you know, you got problems, right.

But this is going to teach people. How to survive in a sense, you know, like, like they say, 50% of Americans can afford a bill over 400 bucks right now because they think, right. That's important because if you take a look, a lot of those people, they have the latest iPhone, right. Nothing wrong with it. And what are you spending your money right now?

You, you, you, you, you, you see that these can happen to you, everybody. It never happens to you. You never care about it. Right? Like before I had a baby, I was like, I understood my friends. They have babies, but I was like, whatever. Now I can understand where they're coming from. Now. Everybody can understand what it is to feel hopeless or lose a job.

Lucy money is it's touching everybody at the same level right now. It's about time to be able to wake up and realize that, you know, we're not invisible. We're, uh, we're humans and. We need to, I guess we need to proactively, you know, we need to have that mindset of things can change. I have to adapt to it.

Right. Save some money, you know, um, things like that, you know how that's going to change the way, like, what are some lasting changes to your business after all this has said, Whether it's a change with the way that you interact with your partners, whether it's you change as a leadership, what things are you considering as long-term changes?

Because of this? I think for, for, for our business is more of them. Our portfolio of clients actually, um, And obviously, uh, payment terms. That's a great point. So, so what are you doing right now with clients? I'm sure you've got cancellations come in. You've got people wanting to push people, wanting to defer well, constellations, constellations.

And then, uh, are you holding people to that though? Are you saying, Hey, I got a contract right here. It says you were going to do this. No, you cannot do that. Uh, our money to two vendors. Guys we'll make money. Um, we pay what we can, um, somebody about a steep, anybody, and then size her class. We've been under said, you know, I had a, I had a very interesting thing that happened last week with one of my brokers.

And, uh, I felt like they wanted to take advantage of the situation, like really bad. And you know, oh, you know, for this, if we push this through my commission would be 50% of.

I mean ever changing the rules of the game. Yeah. It'd be like, why would you do it first of all, when we try to actually give stock for free and then if anything, yes. Uh, what cross or whatever tries to come out of this. And then, uh, but we agreed on something, but it was like kind of like a, uh, a beach move in a sense, because.

Again, people are in the best situation and we need to help each other. Here. We need, you start putting up the jealousy of the selfishness, but you know, understand this in times like this is when your mind

actually telco, are you a shark or you. You know, what you gonna do, and this is survival time and completely get it, but it means survival time. That means if you have the struggle, you also that upheld the weaker, you know, and work together. It's not about Aiden. If he gets to the point, it be a catastrophe because now we know we as a species will become animals again.

Right. Which we are in a sense, just more politically. Correct. So for us in our businesses, Look, I think what's going to change is that we going to try to help every business that we can, in a sense, uh, As long as I can pay my bills. Soon as I get my drivers, my gas, as long as it makes sense for my business, for my family.

Um, I want to be there to help, you know, because that's, what's going to build, you know, people believe in products, people believe in brands that are actually helping people. Uh, you know, this is a time, again, this is a time that's going to prove who you are and how you actually, we had to stressful situations.

Like they teach you that a lady seals, you know, that's what you got to keep calm and see the teacher that, I mean, Tony Robinson, always everything. But if you want a stream train, I go to Navy seals, training that teacher that you see, like this situation can be the most messed up situation. You gotta stay calm.

So you can think, and then. So, because like, so I was in the Marine Corps and when all of this start, I'm not a prepper, I don't have 2000 rounds of ammunition and a garage, like canned goods and, you know, 3000 for the paper. I don't have any of that stuff. But what I do have is, is the, is the same six inches between here and here, um, that you're demonstrating here and just be an all right, listen, here's the situation.

What are the variables that I have? What are the tools I have available to me? And what's the outcome that I want. What's the outcome that I want work backwards from there. There's so much panic going on, especially throughout organizations, you know, not taking advantage of right now to demonstrate to your team that you're a leader that, Hey, I don't know.

I don't, I've never been in this situation. However, look at me, look at me, focus right here. It's going to be okay. We got this shit, right. How do we market better? So for example, then I need to serve right. Do it it's about, I mean, rates are going to drop for a while. They'll say things you think should, should, should it should, should rates drop in line with like an actual CPM as geo path continues to measure is it is a build retroactive of an actual.

I mean, sorry. I, I mean, if you, I mean, we can go under,

so it shouldn't be zoom if you're getting a call. I don't know if you can hear me. Yeah. All right. It's back. Sorry about that. And I'll try to trim that out in the, in the middle of there. So look as far as what's the right way to go. As far as place go again. I mean, if we're looking at CPMs, I mean, we're done in CPMs right now because people are not out there.

See pants, I'm going to be super low, you know? I mean, whatever you want to tell me, it's going to be complete wrong because any, and he's gonna, this is going to make a change as well because people are going to come out as yous. I mean, we don't have a supportive. You know, for awhile, you know, concerts, conferences, things like that, that is driving time short.

Um, but, uh, you know, it's going to take a few months to people like really start coming out in waves. Like they used to New York, it's going to be a bit hit. Right. Um, so I think deals needs to be negotiated differently. Um, I think, uh, you, as companies we have to take in consideration. What kind of, what who's your client?

Um, there's some people that wrote up the rates, some people would never say some people still the same, you know, it depends on the market and the best of what kind of agencies or clients that they're with. But, um, I mean, at least for us, we were more than open to negotiating any deal right now. Um, especially because we're mobile.

So I lost a little bit. More of flexibility because we're driving it to consumers. So, uh, you can be where people actually are at the grocery store or wherever those few places are. You can be where the people. Exactly. And we never went at variable costs. Right. You drive more, run the trucks more, it's more expensive and there's this trade out and offer where's the attention, how much it's going to cost to acquire that intention.

And then obviously to resell it. Okay. Effectiveness, right, right thing for toilet paper, you know, now there is a popular. Sure. Every Walmart, every whatever, every, every grocery store, I don't know. I mean, with target, they get restocked and it's, Hey, follow me for TPP.

And it's still, we can do the main streets and things like that. Um, we never went by CPS. We still captured impressions and all that stuff, but we never went by CPMs. Um, so for us, we'll be to reinvent a little bit to make some changes in our business. And, you know, adapt to whatever it's going to take a couple of months for, to get back on track to where we were for sure, for everybody.

But I think that companies, CEOs, they should right now be open to work with everybody. Like I've talked to people and billboards and stuff like that. And like now we stick to our business, whatever, you know, you know, now is the time it's going to take a little bit of, uh, Uh, mindset in a star, working, taking a look to other media, taking a look to ways that are, you know, if I cannot close this deal, but uh, this person won that screen here.

I know you have it. I'm going to call you, you know, because you know, I got a sale, right. But I got to sell, do this good stuff. You know, I'm not going to sell something. That's going to get me in trouble with about a prayer, you know? So those, those relationships and those things that you're working with, people, um, It's going to be, it's going to open a negotiation table for everybody.

I believe in a lot of, I think a lot of batter about a deal. So I'm going to be on the table as well. What's the 12 months from now we're recovered rose back to normal. We're going to sporting events. I may maybe the way that. Do certain things, maybe, maybe there is more working from home things, things are going to change well, what's the biggest change in the next 12 months that you think is going to happen to out of home, whether that's for, you know, if it's advantageous for the brand, if it's for an operator, w what's your, what's your prediction?

We made a few predictions last time. What's your prediction next? 12 months.

Yeah, no, that's funny. Wait, we didn't know. It'd be a black Swan event to do it, but absolutely. You know, I know Sudan was, I'm just kidding. But, um, you do think that this is the catalyst for that, that we just take a more honest look at. Yeah. And what was the CPM like? Well, like right now, for example, a, an appealable that we, we, we outsell in, um, in times square, we have a billboard that $20,000 budget, you know, and it's like a $25 per play, but 20,000.

Right. And then they calculated this in. You know, who are going to have the CPS anymore. So how are you going to sell it if you don't have those CPMs, right. Any builder you'll deal bursts, right? I mean, you, you still got to calculate traffic for cars and stuff like that, but in reality, we all know people are not going to come out.

So the next 12 months what's going to happen. I mean, well, New York city, I don't know how it's going to take. It's going to take a few months really to, you know, get better. I think Miami. Easier to get back on track LA, easier to get back on track San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, people in Seattle are bad, you know, so it depends on the market.

That's how you're going to steal the fluctuation. Um, the markets are going to come back sort of in waves. Like it's not going to be across the board. Everyone's back. It's going to be some of those. And then in order to sell that advertising now, now, now, now I think agencies will look at the, um, uh, the target demographic club.

And then again, if they're going to buy it by CPS, they're going to say, okay, what did the CPS, but you're telling me like, you know, 35 to 45 are the only ones out, but I need to reach out to the elders. How do I do that? You know, we don't know they're out. We probably don't know out because you know, they're, you know, they, they have to stay home more often.

Right. So I'm sorry. So, um, Again, those numbers are going to change. Uh, it's kind of gonna, I think it's going to reset a little bit on the rates and then, um, and then, uh, it's going to the same conversation we had before when the young people were selling non CPMs maintenances. Now they're going to have to be much smarter about.

I think they're going to have to, okay. What is the best approach to, so, because you know, for billboards is not going to, I mean, I don't, I mean, yes, you guys are going to have some business, but I think is going to be harder because you know, like people are not out there anymore. Like they used to for a few months.

So we prided ourselves on this, you know, 70% of our time is spent out of the home until it's not until 70% of your time is spent in those. So if you're a brand right now, huge opportunity to sorta like trading a market, right. I'm going to buy futures in space, or I'm going to, you can buy a future Q3 Q4 campaign.

Right now for any zone, the dollar, if you're in a position to do that, if you're in a position where you pulled back Q2 budget, you're an established and you're strong cash flow company, you know, Hey, I'm going to still be here in six months. You think that there's an opportunity right now to plan heavier for Q3 Q4, if you're a brand.

Well, yeah, you're going to have to cause a lot of like travel, travel. Let me see, this is, you know, most events it's going to take a long time. Um, again, even if you pull the van out, if it's okay, the attendance, the amount of attendees is not going to be the same for sure. I mean, beg us to shut down. That's great.

Shut down, shut down. So, and that's like major conference can happen in Vegas, major sporting events, right? Brands are going to have to be more creative on the way they push it. And they do have the budget. Um, advertising is always been there, right? It's a need for every brand, every product it's never going to go away.

So brands are going to have to push really hard on Q4 Q1, 2021. Um, I think Q we're in Q2, Q2 is completely lost. In a sense. I don't think a is going to be hard to record. Q3 is probably gross in those deals in Q4 kind of take action. Um, Q1 is when we're going to see a change, there's going to be a long year.

They have to push brand. Uh, I think, I think, I believe, and I hope that last, that we do well because our media allow us to target those people. You know what I'm saying? So I think they will walk home, uh, okay. This year, um, because our flexibility that's about. Just because it is right. You talked about there about audience delivery and it's really the progression that we're seeing and out of home and who is it that you're trying to reach and getting away from some of those, maybe more traditional CPM rates, you know, who are you trying to reach?

And what's it worth to reach them? If I'm a, you know, if I'm a, uh, you know, financial. If I'm a hedge fund, if I'm state street, right? One of the biggest spenders in out of home, if I'm state street, the value of a client to me could be millions of dollars. If I am, McDonald's the value of that customer may be significantly less.

So who are you trying to reach? And what's a worth region and being able to use something like out of home to be so targeted and still so efficient and effective is that opportunity. Uh, I think that you're spot on my, my, my prediction. And it comes from a little bit of this reactionary standpoint. I think we're going to see the most consolidation of those traditional fixed location out of home operators.

Maybe that you'll ever see it's folding a lot of the weekends. Right. So they didn't know, they didn't know what. And they all know. I mean, I got furloughed a week into it now, a, you know, word on the street is that they're making other cuts financially. So there's a lot of these traditional operators that don't the don't understand how to pivot, like you've described so far.

So I think what's going to, what's going to happen is you're going to fold wildly undervalued. People are going to sell a hundred percent, right. Because they can't make. Yeah. And then the companies, they have the cash to buy, they're going to buy

100% right on that thing. They're going to go that thing. You're going to see some mergers. We spoke about it before, too. Um, yeah, there's going to be interesting thin, uh, I think a few companies are gonna come out really strong out of this. Um, I think as follow. If you don't know how to shift your gears into something else or like, you know, be smart about it.

You're probably going to have, uh, some hard time, you know, selling your media because again, you have the big guy selling media at your costs, you know, so right. As there's more, more tech. Tech folks moving into this space, right? The, the format is just a medium to transact. We're just transacting attention.

Every Facebook ad it's Google ads and really smart people are in the space. And I think that you're going to see that. And you, do you think that goo Google or Facebook comes in and maybe a.

I think this is going to happen. Exactly what happened with, uh, social media back in 2008 was really strong. That 2012 were out of home, kind of like, you know, stay because video marketing, I think we're going to start that this year, at least for a few months until levels out, because again, people are inside still, you know, so.

Eh, you know, you need to have that. So connection budgets are going to shift more to social media and outdoor for awhile because it's going to be effective. It depends on the product of the campaign because I run it, but still, um, it can be at home. And, and that's what they're going to focus on. Maybe TV, you start going to see in TV.

Well, at least, uh, internet TV, you know, those ads, things like that. I don't believe they're so effective, but you know, they work, um, I think that that's where we're going to take a heat us. I mean, this you're not at home, it's competing with digital marketing and then like that market share that we had gotten over the last few months, we're kind of going to give it all up and give some of it up.

Yeah. We're going to lose, we're going to lose market share on that. And then, uh, but you know, when, when you start coming out with it with the strategies of like, okay, look, we got outdoor, we got. Again, like for us, we captured impressions and we able to retarget in social media to the ones that we saw, they sold the truck at the target in Los Angeles or in Chicago, whatever, you know, do that, same people, this truck, we going to be turning on social media.

So it's kind of, that's, that's a strategy that makes it, I'm going to be more effective on the dollar spent. Um, you know, again, offering that vertical integration where, so out of home companies, I think they're going to have to get some. Everybody gets smarter on your better ways to serve the client.

Everybody's going to get smarter, uh, again and again, it's you need to have that, uh, uh, that, that the feature that we have that allows us to retarget your demographics again, because he's going to be hyper target campaigns. Now, the never, because again, you cannot come up to a brand and say, listen, give me a hundred thousand dollars for this campaign, promise you XMLs and CPMs, because you can't guarantee that.

Right now you can't no guarantee it. So what you got to do is, okay, this is how we going to spend it. This is how we're going to do it. Now it goes into the planning and, and again, uh, media media buyers that you get more into the gear set of like, okay, let's plan your campaign because now is the challenge.

Now it's a good challenge for any advertising. Right. A little bit before he went, was going to be easier because you do it for so long and he work and then you have the traffic and all that stuff. So the class already used to, right. But now the brands are coming to that agency, say, okay, what are we going to do now?

Okay. We got creative. We got complicate. How do give me an, a strategy. And this is why we go back to madman where like you sit down with your team and you'll okay. What do we have? We have this Brian, why don't, you know, what assets do we have? Okay. What copy do we have? How do we make this friendly? How do we make, you know, it's going to really get the gears of the creative people thinking.

And then I think that will be cool because you're going to see some really cool campaigns, like really companies that work, you know, not just, again, she's on pizza. Um, they're going to have more time to work on it and be smart about it. Um, I think funny ads, you know, I think people are going to pay more attention to brands of companies that advertise based on coronavirus and leaves and things like that should be good.

I mean, uh, uh, obviously associations with non-profits and things like that. Always going to be hard, you know, uh, for everybody, but I think this, this, this, this companies will benefit a lot from. And, and, and, and again, that would be really interested to see how people create campaigns. I think he's a good change.

Well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna take an opportunity to shamelessly plug myself. I wish I could have paid you money to set me up for that. Anybody listening right now, if you visit lunch and learn today.com, you can sign up for a completely free demo, free pitch, free lunch, and learn session with yours, truly where we're going to talk exactly about.

We're talking about a concept called the commitment scale and determining what's the right way to measure the campaign based on client on a really easy chart that you can stick to your wall and say, Hey, where does my client fit on this sliding scale? And then down to what are some of those tools and ways to be really targeted, hit a focused audience, and then be able to quantify.

We measure it. It's about 20 minutes session. Every session is live Q and a what's that. Uh, next one is tomorrow. That's the first one is tomorrow. So I'm going to be cool, man. And it's the, it's the go 20, 20 breakout session. And I figured, well, there's people at home looking to do exactly what you just described.

Retool get better. How do I, how do I plan better campaigns? Uh, what can I do to be better when we're. Back in this, it's the way to stay busy, bring that sense of community together. So tomorrow is the first one. I don't know if anyone's there, but if you're around, I'd love to have you. And, uh, yeah, every, every Thursday reef PM Eastern.

Um, and I'll get you set up with all my team. It's something to do, right? It's it's a thing to bring your team together around to talk about, say, Hey, I, I agreed with this. Or Tim was totally crazy when he said this. He's, he's absolutely wrong. I disagreed. And let's talk about it. Let's continue a conversation about positivity, about where we're going to get to and just ultimately have it be the best one.

Yeah, the things that you're doing for the, I appreciate it. I appreciate this, that you even a voice to all of us, you know, it's a, it's a, we, uh, we have a few guys like you, but, uh, I think you come with a fresh mind fresh set and I like that. Those definitely, definitely love it. Great idea. I really appreciate.

Yeah, I appreciate it, man. I just, just trying to do good and uh, cause I, I, I. 100% confident that when we get back to business as usual, I don't know when the hell that's going to be. I don't have a crystal ball, but when we get back there, we're just going to be, we're going to be better people. We're going to be better.

Parents. We're going to be better spouses. We're just going to be better all the way around. If you take advantage of right now. Yes, like a stronger, like a stronger. And I think, uh, was United out of everybody, not a home. And that's. You know, let's, let's do something positive. Sure. Imagine every operator right now, every operator will come together and all of us to get there.

We raise awareness on, stay home for at least the next week on using every screen possible. You team will get some attention. You're going to get attention. You're going to get picked up by the press. Local media is going to be all over it. Cause everyone needs content. Everyone needs a story right now and we're all covering the same thing.

How great would it be to, to focus on a local brand and in our area? And I know distilleries around the country are doing this. A thank you to everybody out there. Who's doing it. Well, we have a local. Hilary here, who they just, they changed their lines over to be able to make a, you know, hand sanitizer.

And it's, it's this story. So they're getting so much free PR out of this thing, by what? I just help it out, but just helping some people. And if we want people to get back. What you just described is so counterintuitive stay home, even though my business depends on you being out of your home, stay home, because I want to get back to a state of normalcy right.

Sooner rather than later. So we can all go back to doing business. Is this fear and this girl, okay. You know what, let's get it over with so we can just go get back business. And you were one of the earliest, if not the earliest that I saw really out there, I mean, oh, AAA. Just releasing the creative and you are already ahead of it.

You already had your own creative on trucks up in the market. Like you're clearly a leader, not only in at-home, but image or any of these. So for that I say, thank you so much. Absolutely. Right. We've got to go. Thanks for spending the time today. Yeah, man, for sure. We'll do it again sometime, if this has been.

So I will send you an invite. Everybody, listen, lunch and learn today. Dot com get Jonathan and his team have hooked up every Thursday. At three, you can log in with your teams, whether you're in out of home, you're a brand. You're just somebody looking to learn a little bit more. It's a great opportunity, a great place to meet some cool people.

So send me a. Gotcha Sharon and that, those great. That'd be awesome. That'd be awesome. Cool. Let's give me a lot of fun. If this has been fun, if it's been helpful, you know, please share this with your network. Share with people that could benefit from it. The at-home insider show. I'm Tim Rowe. Jonathan, you want to say anything on the.

Stay safe, stay positive. If, uh, again, use that time to work on yourself on the days that you, and if you will, we're waiting to work out or, you know, whatever it is, you know, just do something that's, it don't look back and regret not having done some of them right now. They wait for that paycheck that paycheck is know your future.

Paychecks paying you for time. It's already passed. So while you're sitting here waiting to get paid on the past, you're not doing anything for your future. Now's your opportunity to know, uh, buying things you don't need to take last to dealers and stuff like that. Completely understandable, but you don't need the latest side when it works.

Perfect. Shooting this on a Samsung S seven with a cracked screen. So, uh, my daughter,