May 4, 2023

The Concrete Canvas: The Impact of Environment on Consumer Behavior with Benjamin Fishlock, Head of Client Strategy @ Global Street Art

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Today’s guest is Benjamin Fishlock. Benjamin is the Head of Client Strategy at Global Street Art, a platform and organization that brings together artists, brands, and enthusiasts to promote and support the street art culture around the world. 

Throughout the episode, Ben and I discuss the different jobs that out-of-home advertising can do for a brand, and how the environment plays a crucial role in shaping consumer behavior and ultimately…outcomes. He stresses the importance of simplicity and creativity in outdoor advertising, and how creating celebrity status can be a force multiplier in the ongoing battle for share of voice and market.

Leonardo da Vinci said that ‘simplicity’ is the ultimate sophistication, so the big idea I’d like you to consider during this episode is:

  • How you can simplify something that unlocks incredible value today? 

Key Moments

Why Outdoor Works [00:02:08] Benjamin Fishlock explains why outdoor advertising works and the unique social proof and the cultural imprinting piece that makes it hugely effective.

Share of Voice, Share of Market, and Fame [00:08:14] Benjamin discusses the relationship between share-of-voice, share-of-market, and fame in outdoor advertising, and how adding fame to share of voice materializes as a brand's market share.

Excess Share of Voice and Creativity [00:16:56]Fishlock talks about the concept of excess share of voice (ESOV) and how creativity can amplify its impact, leading to greater market share gain for brands. He also mentions the importance of dwell time and costly signaling in outdoor advertising.

Top of Funnel vs Bottom of Funnel Out of Home [00:20:28] Benjamin and Tim discuss the different roles of out-of-home advertising, from top of funnel to bottom-of-funnel, and how brands should plan their campaigns accordingly.

Creating a Stop and Share Moment [00:24:05] The conversation shifts to the importance of creativity in out-of-home advertising and how it can lead to a higher return on investment. They discuss the concept of creating a "stop and share" moment, where people not only stop to look at the ad but also engage with it.

Hand-Painted Advertising and Environment [00:30:50] Benjamin talks about how the environment influences consumer behavior and how hand-painted advertising creates a unique environment that drives a different level of behavior.

Social Proof and Congratulatory Culture [00:38:20] Benjamin and Tim discuss how out-of-home advertising is a public promise from a brand and how it creates a cultural imprinting that goes beyond just brand awareness. They also talk about the unique congratulatory culture surrounding out-of-home advertising.

Visual salience in outdoor advertising [00:42:02] Benjamin Fishlock talks about the importance of visual salience in outdoor advertising and how the brain can only contend with five visual elements in the first four or five seconds.

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Benjamin Fishlock

Head of Client Strategy