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Nov. 4, 2022

Episode 110 - The Las Vegas Deep Dive with Jeremie Watkins, Spotlight Outdoor

Episode 110 - The Las Vegas Deep Dive with Jeremie Watkins, Spotlight Outdoor

Jeremie Watkins, President of Spotlight Outdoor Advertising, talks about engaging and creating one-of-a-kind experiences for audiences on the Las Vegas Strip.

Spotlight Outdoor Advertising is an enterprise leader in out-of-home advertising. They specialize in creating immersive experiences with their exclusive inventory on the Las Vegas Strip.


  • Mobile billboard trucks yield less out-of-home waste. Advertisers only pay for the time that their ad is on the road. As a result, brands are able to hyper-target audiences by bringing their message directly in front of them.
  • Clark County, Las Vegas was the first US municipality to create a mobile billboard ordinance. The ordinance dictates the number of trucks allowed on the road as well as safety and insurance guidelines. 
  • Spotlight Outdoor Advertising focuses on unique out-of-home advertising on the Las Vegas Strip. They recently acquired the unit at Lids Digital Spectacular. This one-of-a-kind unit allows advertisers to create 3D, memorable experiences for audiences.
  • Brands on the Vegas Strip look to create memorable moments in tourist journeys. Investing in an experience for audiences transforms advertisements into micro-moments within a buyer’s journey.
  • When ooh advertising in Vegas, be mindful of location. For example, look at the route conventioneers will take from the airport to a convention center or where they will be going when not at a conference.


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