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Oct. 22, 2022

Episode 108 - Excelling eCommerce Conversion w/ Will Haire

Episode 108 - Excelling eCommerce Conversion w/ Will Haire

On this episode of OOH Insider, Will Haire, CEO & Co-founder of BellaVix, discusses how to grow your brand and sales in the Amazon marketplace.

BellaVix is a performance-driven, marketplace management agency that helps direct-to-consumer retail brands drive bottom-line growth on Amazon and Walmart. Their team of experts specialize in navigating eCommerce markets and achieving category dominance. 


  • Research your product’s marketplace before launching on Amazon. If the market is saturated, then your product will need to stand out among the crowd.
  • The first step in the journey to becoming a 5 million-dollar brand is focusing on bottom-of-the-funnel growth. From there, work your way up by utilizing marketing and advertising activities. 
  • Brands capture intent and reach new customers on Amazon through shopping data. Amazon is able to segment and organize audiences by tapping into the customer engagement data on their platform, third-party marketplaces on suppliers, and Amazon-operated properties.
  • Companies that engage a PR agency have insane growth compared to companies that don’t. They engage in media, get more SEO, and get more audience-driven engagement by positioning their brand as authoritative in specific niches.
  • One of the most common challenges when scaling on Amazon is working with third-party sellers. Having a minimum advertised price standard in place is essential to avoid consumer confusion and counterfeit products.
  • Today’s shoppers are omnichannel shoppers. They are experiencing brands offline and online whether it is measurable or not.


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