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May 5, 2022

Episode 102 - Building Brand Trust with Local Communities ft. Evan Brandoff

Episode 102 - Building Brand Trust with Local Communities ft. Evan Brandoff

Evan Brandoff, CEO & Co-Owner of LeagueSide, chats about why and how brands can connect with local communities through youth sports leagues.

LeagueSide is the nation’s leading community sports sponsorship platform. They make sports sponsorships scaleable, turnkey, and measurable for brands and sports leagues.

Check out the Leauge Side Podcast here: https://leagueside.com/podcast/


  • The number one factor for consumers when choosing a brand is trust. Build trust in local communities by making meaningful connections and a positive impact on the families within those areas.
  • The LeagueSide platform provides sports organizations with sponsorship packages that regional or national brands can purchase. These packages typically include a combination of physical, digital, and activation elements. 
  • Bottom-of-the-funnel marketing tactics are more successful with out-of-home opportunities. This strategy yields a more holistic marketing funnel for brands.
  • By partnering with youth sports teams, brands provide kids with the invaluable opportunity to play sports while strengthening their brand love/support within the community. It’s a win-win collaboration.
  • Podcast’s are a fantastic business development tool. They allow people from across the globe to collaborate and network about similar interests, goals, or ideas.


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