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April 21, 2022

Episode 100 - OOH Insider Turns 100! Back to the start w/ James Heller, CEO of Wrapify

Episode 100 - OOH Insider Turns 100! Back to the start w/ James Heller, CEO of Wrapify

Our first-ever guest, James Heller, joins us for our 100th episode celebration! James, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Wrapify, discusses how our industry can increase revenue by educating marketers on the power of out-of-home advertisement.

Wrapify is omnichannel advertising for brands powered by app-enabled mobility and delivery. Their performance-driven ad-tech platform measures the impact of out-of-home impressions and attributes exposure to online, in-app, or foot traffic engagement.


  • The increasing amount of digitally native marketers is changing the way media channels are evaluated. These marketers need mix-media modeling, good data visualization, and tracking customers’ journey from beginning to end.
  • Out-of-home is a great medium to drive a brand because it is the heartbeat of the neighborhood. Although it is difficult to measure audience impact, we know it’s there. Educate marketers on the value of OOH to their brand.
  • If the industry captures a component of wasted digital spending and pipe it into out-of-home then it would increase value in the medium and revenue in the U.S.
  • The recall that is created in the out-of-home space makes the digital more valuable. Showcase the impact your OOH campaign generated for the brand.


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