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April 7, 2022

Episode 098 - Answering 'What is Programmatic DOOH?', Once And For All!

Episode 098 - Answering 'What is Programmatic DOOH?', Once And For All!

It's Programmatic pandemonium on this episode!! Brooke Ermogenis, Founder + Head of Insight at DOOHx, establishes once and for all what programmatic digital out-of-home is, best practices, and how to utilize DSPs and SSPs.

DOOHx is an online learning platform for all things digital out-of-home and programmatic digital out-of-home.


  • Programmatic OOH is the automated trading of inventory. Inventory is more accessible and highly targeted. It is an entire evolution of how out-of-home is bought and sold.
  • There is no magic solution for programmatic. Start off by trial and error to see what works best for your clients.
  • Publishers should consider connecting to as many SSPs as possible when integrating inventory to programmatic. This shows your inventory in more “shop windows” around the world.
  • Targeting triggers draw on data feeds to activate a campaign. Programmatic makes it easier to integrate these data feeds into creatives because many of the DSP platforms have data feeds ready to connect.
  • The non-guaranteed activity provides buyers with the flexibility to not commit to being locked in for a certain amount of time so they can be active when and where they want.
  • Audience measurement in out-of-home is impossible to standardize. As a publisher, educate on what impressions mean on your network and how they can be rationalized.


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