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March 31, 2022

Episode 097 - Place-based Marketing w/ Mary Perrella

Episode 097 - Place-based Marketing w/ Mary Perrella

Vengo Labs is a place-based media leader in DOOH. They are on a mission to deliver their inventory everywhere buyers are. On this episode of OOH Insider, Mary Perrella, VP of Media and Marketing at Vengo Labs, chats about the role of place-based media within the marketing industry.


  • Place-based media is contextual to the environment and audience experience. This is a perfect place to make an emotional connection.
  • Out-of-home is more than billboards. It is any moment when a person is out of their home and experiences an advertisement.
  • Generate creative that specifically connects the message to the context. The relationship improves the response and emotional connection consumers make.
  • Vengo Labs is not an off-the-shelf SaaS solution. They are determined to cater to the needs of media and screen owners by customizing their solutions.
  • Direct and programmatic buying are both valuable. Direct guarantees exact locations, rotations, and ad exposure frequency. Whereas, programmatic allows for more flexibility and fluidity in the planning process, budgeting, and optimization.


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