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March 3, 2022

Episode 093 - Interactive Content & The Shark Experience w/ Nick Haggard

Episode 093 - Interactive Content & The Shark Experience w/ Nick Haggard

We have an un-provoked podcast! Tim and Heather Waisanen, Media Planner and Strategist at OneScreen, are joined by Nick Haggard, Director of Sales at Edison Interactive. While on a call, the content was so good we decided to hit record so it could be shared with our loyal fanbase!
Join us for a conversation in hyper-targeting golfers through interactive, touchscreen devices within golf carts.

Edison Interactive is a content management software for connected devices. They are motivated to provide information and entertainment, as well as, create a profit center through screens.


  • Alpine Media and Edison Interactive have joined forces! Edison is now the exclusive seller of Alpine’s ski inventory.
  • Shark Experience presented by Verizon is an interactive, touchscreen device installed in golf carts. It enhances the golfer experience by providing content to help across the course.
  • This platform provides golfers with live and on-demand sports news and tips, GPS yardages, hole flyovers, and music connectivity through Bluetooth or radio.
  • Ad units run consistently throughout the platform. There are five partners maximum for each course: four bigger named brands and the golf course themselves.
  • Edison Interactive is in the process of creating a self-serve feature to find the best digital screen for advertisers targeting golfers.


Nick Haggard:

Heather Waisanen:

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