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Feb. 17, 2022

Episode 091 - CEO of Tiger Party Rafale Chang

Episode 091 - CEO of Tiger Party Rafale Chang

We are back from our hiatus! And boy did we come back with a huge show! 

As we see more media owners wanting to convert static units to digital, we see the emergence of more LED trucks and other LED formats. In this episode of OOH Insider, Rafale Chang, CEO of Tiger Party, discusses techniques for creating the best digital billboard experience.

Tiger Party is a leading interactive solution agency. They specialize in unique, custom digital out-of-home. They are dedicated to pushing the limits of digital out-of-home creativity.


  • When it comes to the sharpness and vibrancy of a billboard, compression is a huge factor. This determines how much data is embedded in every pixel.
  • New Year's Eve in Times Square for out-of-home is the equivalent of commercials during the Super Bowl.
  • There is always a level of risk when creating a live camera feed on a digital billboard. Always be prepared with a primary, secondary, and backup system to avoid timing or technology issues.
  • Out-of-home has the ability to create experiences like no other advertising medium. Check out the Time Square take-over Tiger Party created for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.
  • Each billboard has different capabilities. This is especially important when it comes to syncing a countdown or displaying action results.


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