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Dec. 30, 2021

Episode 090 - The Lead Machine w/ Jeanne Hopkins

Episode 090 - The Lead Machine w/ Jeanne Hopkins

Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer at OneScreen, joins us this week to chat about OneScreen’s goal to support supply and demand-side partners and grow their businesses.


  • How can you as a company look bigger than you are? Investing in out-of-home is an effective way to be more visible while working in tandem with your digital campaigns.
  • OneScreen is dedicated to building the world’s first offline marketplace for out-of-home. They work with marketers to develop and receive tangible results from their campaigns.
  • Real estate is highly fragmented within this industry.
  • OneScreen wants to maximize transactions within its OOH marketplace. They ensure supply vendors are found by giving them a listing, optimizing for search engines, and promoting them.
  • OneScreen’s marketplace is free for everyone, whether you are an out-of-home specialist or a digital-first agency that’s looking for new offerings. They also improve cash flow presence.


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