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Dec. 16, 2021

Episode 088 - Standing Out with Quality Content

Episode 088 - Standing Out with Quality Content

In this episode of OOH Insider, John James, Founder of SignBird, discusses how to bridge the gap between content quality and design to strategically get advertisers excited for out-of-home.

SignBird is an out-of-home service company. They partner with companies to enhance the quality of their out-of-home content through photography, videography, aerial drone technology, and web design.


  • SignBird values providing a quality product above all else. There is a strategic purpose behind every photograph, video, and drone shot. 
  • The more we can facilitate brands doing great out-of-home campaigns the more brands win and great experiences are created.
  • Drone footage is a powerful tool for billboard owners and sellers. It provides a visual experience of the landscape for advertisers to see what they are buying into.
  • A billboard video proposal is a 60-second display of the billboard’s key details. This is an evergreen tool that is time-efficient and allows advertisers to view or refer back to it multiple times.


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