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Dec. 9, 2021

Episode 087 - BONUS! Hot Takes w/ Noah Peshkopia

Episode 087 - BONUS! Hot Takes w/ Noah Peshkopia

"No one has ever taken photo in front of a Facebook ad" - Tim Rowe

Bonus content from last week! Listen in to get some behind-the-scenes content of some real, raw, and truthful takes on Out of Home. 

Noah Peshkopia, Geopath certified student at Centenary University, switched things up on last week’s episode of OOH Insider. In this bonus clip, they discuss the insight Tim has gained by having a child, his view on OOH and much more. 


  • Kids pay attention to everything! Tim has seen on multiple occasions his son show brand recall and association between a commercial and a product.
  • Many marketers and advertisers are consumed with targeting and metrics. However, marketing is much more holistic than we give it credit.
  • Creativity and the message matter more than targeting. Focus more on the delivery than the spreadsheet.


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