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June 15, 2020

Episode 032 - Matthew Olivieri, CEO of AdSemble (The Uber of OOH)

Episode 032 - Matthew Olivieri, CEO of AdSemble (The Uber of OOH)

Lots of small businesses across the country are wondering..."how much does a digital billboard cost anyway?".

As the country is reopening, advertising dollars are flowing back into the market and the cost of a digital billboard is one of the common questions being asked be entrepreneurs in markets with out of home coverage.

But beyond answering the question of cost, having an advertising marketplace where anyone can get a campaign live, in about 5 clicks (without any expertise), on digital billboards is the key to introducing new advertisers to the power of out of home advertising. Insert: AdSemble.

Matthew Olivieri is a guy who gets it. Make it easy. Make it easy for both sides of a transaction to do so frictionless and pay the people that help you do it handsomely.

With the AdSemble Ambassador program, AdSemble is quickly becoming the Uber of OOH, facilitating interested buyers (riders) with willing ambassadors (drivers) to help them get their campaign launched. Oh and a 20% commission on every dollar your clients spend? Not a bad commission, especially when you consider you'll keep getting it for 12 months, so long as that client keeps spending.

And when it comes to leads, AdSemble has their ambassadors covered. With a steady flow of leads, daily, ambassadors will always have something to fill in the piece of the pie that their main gig may not be filling.

Whether as a side hustle, a primary income source, or something in between, the AdSemble Ambassador program is an actual game changer and you can check it out here: https://adsemble.com/ambassador#

Connect with Matthew on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewolivieri/

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It's all good. It's all good. Welcome to the at-home insider show. Today's guest is none other than Matthew. Olivia Perry, CEO of add symbol ad symbol is really changing the landscape of out of home, especially for sellers. I'm calling it the Uber of, out of home. And Matthew's going to tell us all about that today.

Matthew, thanks for being a guest on the show. Super pumped to be here, man. Thank you, Tim. First and foremost, dude, I just want to say, uh, props. Do you? Thank you. I saw on your profile, you started with the Marine Corps, man. God blessed your service to our country. That's incredible. Every time I meet a veteran, I'm just so indebted to them for that.

So I definitely want to put that out there. And then in the midst of everything going on, I just also want to take a quick moment to say. That you know, our parts and our thoughts are with George Floyd's family and black lives matter. We are a hundred percent backing that movement and totally endorsing.

Police organizations, just getting more educated on all these kinds of things. We got to stop this nonsense, this, you know, a hundred year old thing that keeps happening is so it's really, it's really been a tugging at our heartstrings this whole last week. Uh, seeing just everything happening. On the heels of Corona virus, it's just like two, 2020.

Can't get any worse, you know, it's just crazy. So, but excited to be here today, speaking to you about the at-home industry and what we're doing and what we're excited about in itself. Ready, ready for the tough questions. I know you're going to grill me hard. So, uh, and to, and to echo the ACA the opening thoughts there, especially w th to see the communities, and there are so many of the communities.

You know that typically they're on the top 10 DMA list, right. That's how we know him know them, but there's real communities with real causes that stay here. So I appreciate you mentioned that and, and obviously we fully support a, a, a peaceful push forward and hopefully out of home can be a part of that.

I think that that is going to be a really important vehicle. Massey tell everybody about what does ad Semel do. Um, you know, there's lots of these little type of networks, but your approach is kind of different. So tell me about why you started as. All right. So, uh, our origin story dates back to 2008, probably the best time to start a company.

Right, right. When the whole economy bottomed out. But when you finished school and you're kind of like, you got the entrepreneurial bug biting you, I mean, I was born and raised out here in San Jose, California, uh, repping the sharks right here and, and, uh, you know, heart of Silicon valley. So everybody around.

Has a business plan. Uh, I always think that, you know, if you're, you're in Hollywood, everyone's got a movie script. If you're in Silicon valley, everyone's got a business plan for a startup company. And my, my idea really came from traveling overseas and seeing digital billboards and signs, signage, and screens everywhere.

I went, I was in, um, Asia and Japan, and then I was in Europe for a little while and I saw all these things. And when I came back to the states, I was in my dorm and I was kinda thinking of. You know, how could McDonald's put up an ad two cheeseburgers, 99 cents across all these billboards, all these signs.

And I came to find out that it was just super hyper fragmented. This is something that is now been shared on other episodes of your pod here from other founders of startups that came after us. Uh, we're just the fragmentation of the, of the space was just insane. And, and so couldn't find a solution.

Stitched it all up, made it easy for a brand, a big or small to log in and do point and click show me all the billboards available. Let me button them up. Let me do a single by and streamline that process. So I got some friends together and we set about building a database of these locations to streamline that process.

Like I said 2008 was a terrible time to, to for the whole world, but especially, uh, financially speaking, you know, uh, things have really come to a screeching halt. And so when we launched that site, uh, very optimistic that it would just take off. It just flat-lined like there was no transactions, there's nothing happening.

It was pretty. Pretty, uh, gloom and doom. And so I consequently lost my two initial co-founders. They had to move on to other things to pay bills and, you know, I've always been a blue collar kind of roll up my sleeves, dig in kind of guys. So I just committed myself that there was something here, but I had to give it some time to match rate.

The possible. So I started working, you know, nights and weekends. I took a job washing dishes at like this Italian restaurant down the street from my parents' house. Uh, I did graveyard shifts and construction. I did anything I could to afford myself, the daytime working hours. To put on a suit and go knock on doors and tell brands and tell advertisers that I built this website where they could do this, this billboard buying process and really streamlined things.

And so our breakthrough moment came with a professional sports team here in the bay area. Uh, MLS club called the spousal earthquakes and it took me about probably 25 times of knocking on that door. You know, finally, I always tell people that, you know, Starbucks is your best friend when you're trying to get your foot in the door somewhere.

Right. Because who's going to turn down like a, like a hot coffee, right. Took a couple of coffees over there. Uh, just, you know, I just would not leave the lobby until they finally agreed to meet with me and they did. And, uh, the guy there who's, I've become really close with now, all these years later, uh, it was basically telling me like, yeah, At this, we had no sales, right?

This is kind of a little bit of fun, but he was basically like, you know, Hey, I, I must've been a really good pitch because he was like, well, you know, we're, we're probably, you know, we're a brand new expansion club. We're just came back to MLS in San Jose. So we don't have like a big budgets to work with, uh, probably a lot smaller than other customers you deal with.

But what, what can you do with like $15,000? And, you know, in my mind, I'm thinking. Holy shit. So I had to put on like my absolute best poker face series of holes. Yeah. I'd be like, wow. You know? Yeah, man, that's not that much. Let me, uh, let me go back, let me go back to HQ and like crunch the numbers and see what we can put together as a media plan for you.

And, and I'll get back to you and, you know, little, did he know that, you know, HQ was like my parents' house, right? Like, you know, that grew up in and still it's still, I had to move back home because I didn't have enough money. So many things, including another place to stay. So, so, uh, went back to my broken down, uh, Acura Integra at the time.

And I just had this celebratory moment all by myself. One of those great entrepreneur moments where like nobody's around to enjoy it. You just get to enjoy it yourself. Like total validation for what you're doing. Uh it's. It was such an epiphany moment, such an awesome moment. And so all these years later, we have been able to grow that particular account.

We now handle everything that they do exclusively in all facets about a home. It's pretty awesome. And, um, we've been able to Brit a bunch of other brands grow that kind of concept, um, in the same similar fashion, you know, where we do all of their out of home, uh, today. And, and it's been cool. To see that, uh, again, that validation.

So origin story started as just like a curiosity thing. Like how do we fix this Rubik's cube? And now present day we're onto other unique challenges and other opportunities in the out-of-home space. That's pretty cool. And so there's other, there's other players in the market, and I think that what makes your setup such a unique.

Uh, interface is that it's just re like it's really fricking easy. Um, yeah, I've poked around on it a little bit. It's it's really easy to use. Is that the same experience throughout whether you're an enterprise brand or a small local business, or did you just set it up that way from. Yeah, we actually had my engineers make a custom log-in just for Tim.

Uh, no, it's, it's the same through and through. And that really comes back to my basic understanding of the space. Uh, you know, I love this industry. I've been in this industry now for going on almost 12 years. Uh, according to LinkedIn, I get the alerts telling me how long I've been in my own company. Uh, but you know, I understand that the industry, uh, or the old way that the industry operated with a lot of agencies buying the media and buying out a home and the way that the big three, uh, Lamar JC, uh, Lamar, uh, Outfront media and clear channel.

And if you throw in JC to COVID for, I understand how they traditionally maybe sell it through spreadsheets where. You know, uh, certain ratings and things of that nature, and they like to slice and dice it. There's obviously a place for that. There's obviously a need for that and agencies at the very top of that funnel, uh, need that information would want that information.

That's the only way they'll buy it. But when I came into the space, I had so much simpler questions about how to just get an ad on a sign and, and that story about the earthquakes and, and other clients of those brands. They were also in my initial R and D of going out and figuring things out. They were also asking those very simple questions.

Okay. So. You know, I think what's can sometimes get a little bit challenging when I see what's being reported in the industry and stuff like that is, you know, people putting out there, you know, oh, it needs to have, you need to be able to slice and dice it and, and, and, you know, do this and do that and do this and the conversations I have and that we largely have as an organization with so many of our users.

It's just like, let me like do a radius around like zip code. Let me find what's available. I know my own backyard. I know the types of people that live in those areas. Let me put up ads and, and operate this from a very simplistic point of view to your point. I think what we'll see in the future will be add on features or rather kind of like in advance.

Uh, part of our openness play platform where you can do advanced triggers at man's filters, kind of cross-reference the inventory by demographics and other things a day partying that you may want to do. But I mean, initially to get that person to put that first dollar into the. Uh, my personal experience has just been, they just want to know where the locations are.

They want to see what it looks like. They know the area and they want to be able to pull the trigger very quickly. Um, and so that's, we, we wanted to start with a baseline product that could serve that need and then grow it based on agency demand or higher level brands that are demanding those additional filters or ways of sorting, uh, the locations.

And that's one of the things. Coming into, out of home as an outsider, as a digital marketer where every digital marketing platform just makes it really easy to spend money. I was kind of looking around for that too, right? Like, why does this have to be so hard? Why is it spreadsheets and all this other stuff?

And, and, and right. So you've got this, this mechanism that makes it really easy to spend money. How have you found the response from like, you know, the professional sports teams and big stuff is awesome, but like small local businesses that maybe haven't done out of home before, or they've done it before, but they didn't really know what they were doing is, is add symbol.

Built for that too. How do you guys interact with like the small business community? That, that's a, that's a really perfect question because that is actually what our whole focus is. It's the long tail. It's the every small business in America. Being able to feel empowered to open up a web browser for Google ads, a web browser for Facebook ads and a web browser for open display billboard ads.

That is our vision. That's our dream. That to be able to make it a single page checkout where someone can easily come in, plug in a name, plug in a credit card search for locations, upload a single ad that auto, uh, adjust and scales to different signs that are out there. That's what we've been able to build.

And that is what we are seeing small businesses across America do. Uh, and the most encouraging thing is just seeing. These people go out to where these out-of-home locations are and take selfies in front of them and then post it on social media and tag us, like, you know, thank you so much for making this so easy for me.

Add symbol open display. If you're a business owner, you need to get on this, add some open display. And so, and these are small business owners that are, you know, they're, they're strapped for time. They don't have massive budgets, but they have a desire to. Test out the space. And the most rewarding thing for me is just helping those business owners that maybe possibly tried to call like one of the, one of the major media suppliers direct.

And that media supplier just kind of sniff them out like, oh, this is just, you know what? They don't even have a really functional website. They, you know, they got 10 followers on Instagram or they probably not working with big budgets. I'm not even gonna waste my time. You know, you, you see that. And I think we're making our website a safe Haven for those businesses to not feel judged and to, and to feel like, Hey, I might only have $20 a day, but I can put up a billboard and see what that experience is like for my business and get excited that my friends and family can see me doing big things.

And that's what. Right because it's a radically underserved piece of piece of, out of home, even in my experience, you know, uh, B being at a, you know, a larger outdoor company. Yeah. We're G we're judging that phone in, but what's the budget. I always got 500 bucks a month now, may I give to somebody else? So then it gets passed down to.

The low man on the totem pole, usually somebody with the least amount of experience, maybe it's not a great experience expectations. Aren't, aren't set, you know, set the right way. And you've got all these small business owners then who could potentially be spending lots of money in, out of home that aren't.

So you've created this ecosystem, a safe place, like you said, for them to. Uh, to come and interact, but I, I like your approach with the ambassador program. We talked about it in the, in the open, the Uber for out of home. How are you using the gig economy kind of mindset, business model with these small businesses?

I think there's a lot of people listening right now that that would find that pretty interesting. Well, what basically what that, uh, origin comes back to is, is I was sitting outside a local coffee shop here in the bay area. And, you know, we've, we've seen an explosion of user sign up for our open display platform.

That's our buying platform for digital home, where anybody can sign up and do this. We've seen. Thousands of people across the country, small business owners create accounts poking around in there, creating campaigns. Now a big portion of those users we've we've observed will initially sign up, but not put through a campaign maybe initially at first.

And so I was really kind of scratching my head on that because I know we've made the checkout process. Super easy and straightforward. So, you know, what, what is, what is the hold up there? Why are they not putting a campaign through, like, why did they create an account and they're just sitting on it. And so we're not in a position, uh, whereby we can run.

And just hire lots of different sales reps on, uh, traditionally higher sales reps in every market, across the country where, where these users are signing up because they're signing up across all of the United States. And so I was really kind of like thinking about how can we get more support people onboard.

Who can just simply reach out to these users and offer assistance to help them walk through the checkout process. And as I was sitting there, I literally observed a door dash person walk in to grab some coffees, presumably for somebody who had ordered this coffee on door dash app. And then literally as that person was leaving, like an Uber driver pulled up and dropped somebody off at that.

Coffee establishment. So I'm sitting there watching this and I'm thinking, holy shit, man, why hasn't anybody created a gig economy approach to out of home where anybody can sign up and help these users walk through this process and get paid every time they put through camp. And that was literally the, uh, the basis for my theory that, that, that it could happen.

It could work that way. You just have to, we just have to kind of flush it out and think through all the different, uh, angles of setting that up. And so that's what we set about doing. And so we call it our open display ambassador program, and it literally anybody who has just a desire to be helpful, you don't have to have a background in out of home.

If you have a background in out of home sales, if you're like an account executive. One of these firms right now. And, you know, you're making anything less than 20% commission on every transaction. You should check out our ambassador program because it's really designed for anybody to do this. But if you have an out-of-home sales background, you will kill it.

Uh, we are getting tons of leads every single day. And when I say leads, I mean like new users who are signing up. And so when a new user signs up, uh, Put this person's information on a private group, so that it's secure. And it's only out there for people that are part of this ambassador program and any single ambassador can reach out to one of these people and offer them a friendly invite to go through the program, go through open display and help them check out.

And so the unique thing that we came up with was not only does that ambassador get. And, uh, uh, commission on the first transaction that goes through. But at that same user keeps coming back and doing more transactions for 12 months. The next 12 months, then ambassador continues to get credit and commission on that, that user.

And so it's kind of like Uber, maybe on steroids because you're getting residual income from the people that you're helping. And since we've took, since we put that program out there, we have seen people who have never even thought about out-of-home or digital at-home the industry sign up and start walking people through this process.

And so we're opening up brand new doors to new folks. Uh, on both sides, right? Businesses that I've, that have never felt like they can play in the space or getting access to being able to do billboard advertising and out-of-home advertising. And then people who have never even thought about working in the out-of-home industry are signing up to be open display ambassadors.

And now all of a sudden they're becoming experts on out-of-home and, and the story I shared with you. Uh, with, uh, my, my personal trainer, I have a personal trainer, uh, who, because of COVID-19, his business has been shut down. He can't train, uh, in his gym. And so he called, he called me and he said, Hey, do you still have that program where, you know, I can walk people through your, your guys' app and get paid.

And I said, absolutely. Never done out of home before never even been on his radar to, to do billboard ads. He came into the program, instantly started reaching out to people and he, and within a few weeks he had already helped process like a dozen campaigns and you get paid out through direct deposits to your account.

It's all streamlined through the openness land Basadur app that we give you access to and payments come directly to your. So we've really figured out a way of just completely streamlining the process. And now my personal trainer is like, I don't even know if I'm going to go back to doing, first of all, he's like, no, he's a he's he's all of a sudden, he's like, no, going deeper down, like wanting to know about all the sort of things.

It's awesome, man. It's just like super awesome to see. Uh, and we got a lot of stories like that already. So. Yeah, it's, it's, it's a killer program. I'm really pumped about it because of the doors it's opening for people. But what it's ultimately helping us do too, is just, you know, get people in different parts of the country.

I mean, you're out, you're back east in Jersey. I'm out here in the bay area. Uh, we have ambassadors now, uh, in different parts of the country. And my personal goal is to have a thousand ambassadors by this time next year. How many of you have already. Uh, right now, we are closing in on 25. We just opened up the program less than.

Uh, three or four months ago. So I'm going to send you a calendar for today. Next. I want that accountability, man. Josh Cohen. We're going to hopefully, you know, have a fireside chat in Midtown Manhattan next may. I would love to be there to announce this we're sure, man. Yeah, because we just barely open it up the program on and because of COVID-19 we've seen new people signing up register.

And, and what I'm hoping is, uh, opportunities like, like this being on your, uh, your pod and other PR that we can get will help us to create, you know, virality where more and more people sign up and tell other, tell their friends to sign up and stuff like that. And so I'm hoping exponentially that we'll start seeing, you know, droves of people wanting to opt into this because we got a lot of users to call.

Uh, we have a lot of people sign up every day for open slate. And I, you know, I just want people interacting with them and helping them through this process for sure. Right. And, and I signed up as an ambassador week ago. I'm going to make sure that I put the link in the show notes. Anybody is interested in learning more, can just go right there, find more information.

And dude, it's legit. Like I'll give you the testimonial right now is it's totally legit. The leads come in and I've had very, very qualified conversations. With leads that you're generating. I didn't need to do anything other than pick up the phone and get someone excited about doing billboards. Right.

And that's the other thing too, is not only have the conversations been qualified, these folks have never done any sort of out of home before. So I want to thank you personally, because you're introducing it to people that haven't done it before, and you're doing it in a way. That they really get this kind of white glove experience.

They've got someone to kind of walk them through. It's it's not like some of the other marketplaces out there where it's, it's all online. It's just a computer and hopefully you figure it out and maybe you do, and maybe you don't in this case, you're introducing it to people. Who've never done it. You're making.

Feasible for small businesses to do billboards. And you're giving an opportunity to people that just want to make a side hustle income, or maybe even a potential, a potential full-time income. I think that's pretty awesome. So, uh, I, I can say. For sure. Everything that Matthew is described is 100% legitimate.

Thank you, man. I appreciate that. And I know, I know I shared this, this talking point with you that if you work in sales, like I'm a natural born and bred salesperson. That's what I love to do. That's why. And the, the lifeblood of salespeople or leads, right? Warm, warm opportunities, uh, that, that, it's really hard to just pick up a phone and cold call somebody, especially if they're not interested in the service or they're not asking for the service, that becomes a very challenging thing for a lot of people who are timid or shy to put themselves out there and try to introduce a new.

But when you have all these people already coming to you, signing up and just, you know, there, it, literally, our website says, do you want to get a phone call? I think that's important to, to clarify if you want a phone call, if you want someone to reach out to you put in your email, putting your phone number in somebody will.

And these leads that are coming in, these users that are signing up are that we're supplying to the ambassadors are only those people who are opting into that experience. So being able to have this many people opt into that experience, we just need lots of ambassadors across the country that are willing to just like be ready to grab those people and reach out to them.

And so, um, I think in terms of like what a, salesperson's looking for a good payout, a fun experience and, and, uh, warm leads come into their plate every single day. I mean we're, we're locked and loaded. So I, I appreciate that, uh, that testimonial for sure. Absolutely. Let me ask you this way right here.

Maybe there's an entrepreneurial seller listening right now. Could I, could I potentially right. Be an ambassador and bring my own clients onto the dashboard and extract that 20% the same night, a hundred percent? Yes. A hundred percent. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I mean, it's, if you, if you have a Rolodex, if you ha, if you come from, let's say you worked in, in the newspaper background or you work in, uh, uh, you know, w uh, TV or radio or anything of that nature, and you have these really good lifelong relationships form, you can absolutely sign up and, and bring in, introduce those people to.

And digital out-of-home and, and have them sign up and, and get paid in the exact same manner. And if they keep coming back and doing campaigns again, you're just gonna keep getting auto deposits to your account. Um, I, you know what Corona virus has done, I think for so many businesses, is this. It's put us all to the test to figure out this new economy overall, like what are you going to do to pivot and, and survive and got?

And so, you know, I had this idea that, you know, observing these other businesses. So I'm not the first guy to come up with a gig economy. Opportunity, uh, in overall, um, I do take great pride in, in being the first guy to apply it to the out of home industry, because I've never seen it done before personally.

Uh, and, and maybe nobody else has ever thought of that before. I don't believe. And so I take great pride in bringing it to our industry. Uh, but I think it speaks to just this new age economy where people are looking for options, for things that they can jump into and try out and build new skillsets and like, say in the case of like my personal trainer, I mean, the guy is an expert personal trainer.

And if you need a fitness regimen and you need a diet plan and all those things, like he's got you a hundred percent. In this time window, he was really struggling to pay his bills. I think giving him something that he could opt into and then he could just like, figure some things out and run with it and start making money from it.

I really believe like that is you're going to see more and more of that. Even as we come out of like post COVID-19, you're going to see more and more people who are grade-A who want to try things out who want to jump in things, sample them. If it doesn't work out, it's all good. Move on. And, and so, you know, maybe that's an open challenge to everybody in our industry to figure out other ways that this kind of thinking can be applied to what they're doing.

You know, a lot of that, a lot of the big outdoor companies, even the smaller, independent ones, you always programmatic is programmatic in a wipe out my Salesforce. No, what's going to wipe out your Salesforce, our ambassador programs by ad symbol that paid 20%. Instead of your poultry 6%. Cause you think you're doing somebody a favor, like the threats to the fundamental business are exactly what you just described and it's that people are going to want to create more for themselves.

They're seeing that this dependency on the traditional, you know, work environment is, is kind of one way. Right. And, and there's, there's security up to a point. So creating something for yourself is really the ultimate security. Yeah. I think that you're going to see a, see more, either more ambassadors or more companies may make that pivot.

But I think that it's going to be the former that happens first. Right? You've already got it. You've got the leads coming in. Where can people go to find more information out about the ambassador program, maybe the listening and driving right now? Again, it's going to be linked in the show notes, but tell us where to find all the good stuff.

Yeah. Just add civil.com/. Simple real, super simple. Uh, and it's got all the information that you need. We have an FAQ, we have a broken down, uh, shows you everything. Basically, you, you, you ultimately create an open display account for. And then what we do is we, uh, you apply to be a part of the program and then you get, uh, when you get accepted, you get upgraded.

So when you log into your open display account, you have additional resource links on the left-hand side, shows your earnings, that there's a resource center in there with training videos. So that's the other cool thing too. I really want to mention this as well. A lot of people who do enter into sales programs at any type of company.

The training that you get is usually very, very limited at best. And I've let, I've talked to thousands of salespeople now through online, uh, forums and in person I've met with people okay. Over the years. Okay. And, and that is separately from hot leads. That's the, that's the number two thing on the list that they're most frustrated.

I wanted to be a salesperson. I was super hungry to be a sales person. I signed up at company XYZ to be a sales person. They gave me no leads and they gave me no training. How do they expect me to be successful? So they quit. They burn out after 90 days. All right. Now, if you're a small business owner listening to this or your own immediate network, and you're thinking about hiring.

Employees on payroll to be salespeople like more power to you, but you've got to have a sales training program in place that educates these folks and builds them up to be successful. And then you got to have hot leads coming in that you can spoonfeed them. They're like little babies, you've got to nurture them.

And unless someone's already coming into the game with like 25 years experience and a fat Rolodex of clients, like most salespeople, especially if they're putting their toe in the water for. Like you got to nurture those people and build them up. And so a big thing that I've heard from so many people, it's just like, yeah.

Oh yeah. I tried selling billboards one time. I quit after 90 days because there was no leads. No. The number one thing that you're going to get out of our ambassador program is you are going to get training. You're going to get resources on videos, where we walk you through the platform. We're constantly going to be adding to that.

And, um, as you move up in the program, what I mean by that is we actually have, uh, tiers and bonuses and things like that. So if you really start performing well, you will get, uh, invited to, uh, receive additional training on higher level things as you become ready. We have access to every kind of out-of-home media that.

Does that mean someone brand new to the out-of-home game should instantly be exposed to all the bells and whistles and everything. It's like way too overwhelming. You'll get just, you'll just get steamrolled by that. Right? So we start you off with some Gerber food. If you will, like we start you up with some baby food, get you into a simple platform.

You're walking users through a single checkout. Super easy. You start having success with that. Now you get some bigger quality leads where they're asking for bus shelters, or they're asking for movie theater advertising, or they're asking for this, that the other thing. And then those individuals, um, as they're ready, can get turned onto more training and more other things that they can sell and more, you know, things that they can provide.

So the training aspect for myself is the number one most important. Um, I, you know, I've heard a couple of other guests on your podcasts say, uh, things of the nature of like, if someone comes into their company and leaves, they want them to be better person, uh, from the time that they spent. And I couldn't agree with that more, right.

I mean, everybody's time is valuable. Everybody as a human beings are important. That's, that's the point of, you know, the first message I made here on the, on the episode, uh, at the beginning. So investing in people to help groom them and build them. To something that they didn't know how to do. We, one of our core values is learn something new every single day, right?

Learn something new every single day. You should go home at the end of the day, even if you're, if you're in sales and didn't make a transactions that you need to make a sale, but you learn something new about the space or the platforms like that, then at least, you know, checkbox for the day you're, you're leveling up every single day.

And that's, that's the underlying reason why we do all of that. Uh, it is not just to help a person put a billboard up, like anybody can do that. There's lots of services to do that. And we're not even the first company that invented that idea. It is 250. Bring people together in the space, get them excited, show them how magical this whole process can be.

And then in the background of all of that, you have, you know, ambassadors that are leveling up their education in their sales game. You have buyers who are learning about an industry in a space. So everybody's growing and everybody's learning. And. To me, that is like euphoria and that's, that's what gets me out of bed every day.

Is that process, um, thing it's beautiful day. And I definitely encourage if you're listening, check out the ambassador program again, I, the fact that they're qualified leads. It's kind of work as, as you want it's aside us. So it can be a full-time thing. I listen, I'm just enjoying the flexibility it's in between the shows it's in between picking up my son, grab a lead, make a call, shoot a text, super flexible for me.

Thanks, dude. I really appreciate that, man. And I do find that to be an interesting dynamic of what you just pointed out, right? It's flexible. You don't have those pressures of a quota or, or a sales manager giving you, you know, the stink-eye because you know, you only brought in X number of sales last month, right?

You, if you remove all those pressures from people, people tend to operate a lot. Okay. And so that's a hundred percent. What we found is people are liking this ambassador program and it's working and more, more deals are coming through more campaigns are happening because these ambassadors are feeling like in between, you know, a family thing late at night.

I can, I mean, we have ambassadors that send emails out and shoot text messages and things like that all hours of the day and night, you know? And, and so what, and on the weekends too, I mean, there's. Like this idea of a Monday through Friday, eight to five is the only time that I have to drive myself into an office and sit down and make calls.

And boy, I hope the boss doesn't see that I didn't make my quota this month and all that bullshit. Fuck that man, those days. Those days are done. This is the new economy, 2020 19. And this is why Uber and DoorDash and Uber eats that. This is why that, that shit has been successful in some ways. It's like the writing is on the wall.

You know, why aren't more people receiving the message, I guess maybe that's the, uh, that maybe that's the, uh, open-ended question. Right. And I guess we'll find the answer. So one year from now, we'll find out a thousand ambassadors. That's what we're doing. Check the show notes. You'll find the link there.

We'll we'll link back to everything that Matthew's got going on. He's got a great podcast as well. I encourage you to check that out. We'll link, add hero podcast. And, uh, yeah, Matthew it's been awesome, man. Thanks for everything that you're doing. I think it's really doing important work, especially right now in time where, you know, 40 million on Americans are four 40 million Americans, unemployed Americans, not on American 40 million Americans unemployed.

We want to hear from you. If you're, if you're one of those 40 million, I promise you, like when you sold out of home or you haven't, Matthew's made it. Really, really frickin easy. All the training's there. The leads are there. It's just a matter of carving out a few minutes to do it. So thank you. Thanks man.

Stick around. After, uh, after I, uh, I've been our guests to do here. I've got to get your address, send you the swag, but this episode, helpful. Please share it with somebody. Make sure to click subscribe down below and as always, if you want to get swagged up, check out O H swag.com. Use promo code insider for 10%.