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July 17, 2022

Crazy Theory...Netflix + Microsoft = DIRECTV + Yahoo - What Does It Mean For Full-Funnel Marketing?

Crazy Theory...Netflix + Microsoft = DIRECTV + Yahoo - What Does It Mean For Full-Funnel Marketing?

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Netflix names Microsoft as partner for new consumer subscription plan


Microsoft to acquire Xandr to accelerate delivery of digital advertising and retail media solutions


Hivestack Announces Global Alliance with Xandr for Programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH)


DIRECTV Taps Yahoo Unified Ad Tech to Unlock Advanced TV Opportunities


Verizon Media announces full-funnel DOOH ad suite


T-Mobile Acquires Octopus Interactive And Says It’s Still Committed To Ad Tech


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welcome to out of home inside or daily this one coming by way of referal a shout out to kyle james kyle and i have been at one screen since back in the day as the kids say and kyle sent this article over and said hey see if you see if you think there's something there and and kyle has a thesis and i don't know what it is but once i started looking into this i thought it was really interesting so um what is it specifically well it's the netflix news obviously netflix has been moving to the add supported model and we're not really sure what it's all going to look like and it's very opaque but supposed to be later this year so we'll see july thirteen so just three days ago netflix names micro soft as partner for new consumers subscription plan marketers looking to microsopt for their advertising needs will have access to them net flix audience and premium connected t v inventory all add served on netflix will be exclusively available through the micro soft platform today's announcement also in this is microsoph's approach privacy which is built on protecting customers information i don't know super villain bill gates that freaks me out a little bit but it's a brilliant play and i think that what we're seeing kind of developed here has been you know happening in the wings but it's maturing a little bit and that's the consolidation and vertical in egra tion of premium inventory the netflix microsopt connection makes a ton of sense because just a couple of years ago not even a couple of years ago it's just a ago i suppose a year and a half ago microsopt acquiring sander to accelerate delivery of digital advertising and retail media solutions sander best known a connected t v platform from that press release december twenty first two thousand twenty one this is microsoft acquiring sander one of the bullet point here with zander microsoph can accelerate the delivery of digital advertising solutions for the open web by combining microsophs audience understanding technology and global advertising customer bay with sanders large scale data driven platforms for advertising these include strengthened monetization for publishers netflix through larger first party data access and the full funnel marketing offering with zandermonetiz netflix is down sixty eight per cent on the year he monetization of that netflix audience is obviously going to be a really important growth lever for netflix over the next twelve to eighteen months especially as consumer confidence waning producer price index up once again consecutive months so netflix is going to need to be able to monetize the audience it does have the maximum of its ability so that's interesting just in and of itself another bullet bullet point here increased advertiser and publisher value microsophs global native add buying solution so native add buying come on we're the ogs of native everything the microsopht audience network by helping improve add performance while providing access to global supply so this makes a ton of sense what does it have to do with out of home well on april twenty seventh two thousand twenty two hive stack the world's largest independent programmatic digital out of home at tech andy had announced a strategic global collaboration with sander a data enabled technology platform powering a global marketplace for premium advertising you see it now got a digital sspdsphivestack we've got sander we've got netflix that's a full funnel net flix marketing option that you're going to have vailable probably not not too distant future what's interesting about that is that direct t v and yah who ah who obviously rolling out their full final d s p d t v and yah who just recently inking a deal june twentieth two thousand twenty two direct t v taps yah who unified adtech to unlock advanced t v opportunities yah whose omni channel d s p gives advertisers access to powerful qualified data sets and reaches consumers across all channels including mobile des top video native address t v c t v digital out of home and audio direct t v advertising inventory will be available in the o d s p for q four twenty twenty two campaigns so you see all of the timing kind of aligning its that can nation of premium inventory which is very reminiscent of double click double click triggering google's very rapid growth over the last twelve third ten years or so so a lot of interesting pieces on the table right now that are moving around vorizon obviously they have their full funnel digital out of home add suite connecting it very deterministically the connection there for me that i thought was interesting vorizon and catalina had previously connected and then catalina and volta obviously getting together so you can see some the connective tissue coming together from the data side the media side tell com side it's really interesting t mobile of course acquiring play octopus just earlier this year so then over to twitter scott brinker who if you don't know scott he's the v p of platform eco system at hub spot his chief marte on twitter and he tweeted out guess it was earlier just earlier today pretty compelling evidence that in sah software is a service even for startups but especially for scale ups integration eco systems a right cool to product go to market so what does that mean integration eco systems better known as platforms which is a platform a platform is as a business model this from pandium the study that scott reference is in the twite from the study from pandium as a business model platform model refers to a business that is creating value by enabling exchang between groups usually defined as consumers and producers like amazon commerce the vast majority of sas companies who become platforms continue to sell their products to customers the consumers will also facilitating tech partners producers to provide customers with apse and extensions as well as agency and solution partners providing customers with services all of this to say there are a lot of pieces coming together with all of those pieces coming together additional fragmentation so ultimately the opera otunity to create the platform that connects the entire ego system becomes even greater and that's what we're trying to trying to do it one screen so a lot of exciting text we're going to be bringing on line here in the next couple of months i thought that all of this stuff kind of laid out like one of those cork boards in a an episode of the wire and hopefully found it at least entertaining but i think that there's something there definitely something to pay attention who as a consolidation continues to take place that's it for today will maybe be back tomorrow but if not definitely monday until next time we'll see you