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Aug. 9, 2022

Another Day Another DSP...But This Time - It's Apple 🍎 And How To Climb The Walled Gardens (LIVE DEMO)

Another Day Another DSP...But This Time - It's Apple 🍎 And How To Climb The Walled Gardens (LIVE DEMO)

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this one is going to be fun i think that this one is going to be fun because we're going to talk about a few different things and i know a lot of folks have been wondering what it is exactly that we've been up to at one screen so i'm going to show you if you stick around to the end i'm actually going to segu the episode into a conversation about some of the really exciting product that launched we're going to talk today about the apple d s p i know it feels like another day another d s p that's the theme of today's episode is another day another d s p apples walled garden growing continually higher so we'll talk about what that means what are the implications how can we adapt as marketers how can we get around these walled go and what are the things that we can start to adapt some of our own best practices to so we're going to dive into that one but again if you stick around to the end show you some product sell good in center to stick around another day another d s p apples walled garden growing higher as the battle that once was facebook versus google becomes amazon versus apple in the battle of online advertising and how the recent product launches at one screen help brands and media sellers alike to overcome the cookie list future with zip code level audience targeting for all all this and more on today's tear sheet apple catching an unexpected wave in the new cycle last week when a job posting for a senior manager for a d s p in its adds platform business was found and shared amongst the advertising community looking to the posting itself for clues about apples and tent the ideal candidate would have experienced building a mobile central t s p and know how and know how when it comes to optimizing mobile campaigns using measurement an attribution d s p is a statement of intent for any adds business let alone one like apple which has grown exponentially on the back of its decision to make it harder for companies to grow their own within its echo system also known as a walled garden and something that is becoming increasingly more common and adds to the challenge of being a marketer and creating integrated ad campaigns the automation of the d s p process is important because it means marketers can set up campaigns and manage them with relative ease in turn likely spending more money remains unclear if the intended d s p is geared towards serving as solely on apples own and operated property such as the app store itself or on the millions of is apps or even on third party property such as the mobile web apple would not confirm its plans to build a d s p or provide additional context as to how this would fit into the overall company's strategy for its add business with the job posting is clear signal of intent for the business that has left the impression that building a tech is the last thing it wanted to do this is a company after all the business model geared toward knee capping advertising rather than embracing it times changed however for some time it's been clear that the idea of apple being opposed to outline advertising might need revising a d s p settles it no company zad tech like this unless they're serious about making a bigger move on media dollars it cost too much time and money to do it on a whim over the years apple has built a vast walled garden of connected products apple services said paulina clement chief growth officer at pubmatic what connects all these products and services creating seamless consumer experiences is user dat them apple building their own de is the next logical step in the evolution they have been building their advertising business behind the scenes leveraging their scale and ecosystem assets so after a decative facebook versus google it's clear that zan verses apple will likely be the title card of the next big battle for digital marketing dollars but what dos that mean for marketers well for the wise marketers who wants to confidently invest their advertising dollars learning how to navigate the cookie list future is imperative with less personally identifiable data marketers will need to rely more on context to reach the target audience moreover using of the most powerful forms of contact location is becoming almost impossible on mobile devices without first party location data realized the swish between data and data but location targeting room is possible without a home media like bill boards transit shelters and busses out of home advertising insures adds run exactly when and where they are most relevant on both digital and static and when merged with aggregated and non my audience data out of home location specific adds provide a powerful way to reach audiences by doing this marketers can effectively address both upper and lower funnel marketing use cases by using lo tions context a final use case use location as a proxy for audience in an increasingly cookie less world it would become harder to find specific audiences online contact well re emerge as the best way to find people traditionally context has been driven by content news might reach an educated demo while a cooking magazine could reach a food location is another powerful form of context demographically similar and like minded people have a tendency to cluster location clarets was one of the earliest to take advantage of this trend through geo targeted prism clusters if you're buying t v and radio you're already familiar with clarity and you'll definitely want to stay tuned until the end because when you see what we've got for you at one screen it's going to change the way you think about all of your media buys but four out of home clara tas has been incorporated into the geo path currency for a few years already and leverages non personally identifiable census data and device data to build excellent audience profiles of specific zip codes marketers in turn can reach the markets that over index in their desired audiences need parents target adds and kid friendly neighborhoods looking retires put ads near senior centers want spanish speakers play spanish language ads in the neighborhoods with large spanish speaking populations day parting can further power context for instance an alcohol brand wanting to reach bar hoppers can advertise in a night life district at ten p m a sports betting brand looking to reach sports ban fans can advertise near this stadium before after the game lower funnel get as close to the transaction as possible in the outline world amazon adds and google search generate huge dollars because they are close to the transaction nothing is better for an insurance broker to generate leads when they can advertise directly to people looking for insurance out of home location based adds can do for the off line world what amazon google in the online world by stepping in front of the transaction to influence behavior marketers can put ads near the point of purchase outside retail stores near tourist attractions close to restaurants locations and around movie theaters further they can conquest their competition by advertising near competitor locations we call that being close to the point of purchase during the moment of consideration you can use smaller for mats like kiosks urban panels but shelters things that are particularly appealing let marketers get close to the point of purchase it's worth noting here that amazon and go or two of the biggest spenders on out of home advertising also in that company or facebook and apple which is really the very lead here the top online a revenue generating companies are also some of the spenders on out of home advertising and the reason for that is simple offline attention arbitrage it is less expensive to build top of funnel awareness a interest off line than it is using digital adds and interest becomes intent and intent becomes sales along the way google paid search adds uh are served to capture that intent and you can start to see how it is that these online platforms invest so heavily in offline channels to drive that on and traffic so then how do you quickly one identify who your audiences is to identify them in the real world find them in the real world and then three on a market level be able to make decisions about where to best invest your dollars so that's what i wanted to show you today taking you all the way to the end here i'm going to share my screen so if you're listening to this i'm going to link in the in the show notes definitely to the you tube so that you can jump over and check that out this is i think going to be the first time that i do a live screen share and if this all goes great here it looks like that should be working i'm just going to toggle back to make sure that hanks for being flexible here it looks like it's all working here this is persona builder if you're seeing this and you want to get access to this like literally you can just email it's tim one screen dot a i this is as far as we know the first of its kind it's completely free to you this is persona builder it's built on top of those clarita prism profiles so if you're buying t v or radio and you're familiar with clarita you're going to love this this could help you to this is going a help you to advise brands on what markets they should be buying from you why they should be buying mark markets more specifically if you're doing things like direct mail any of your digital online tactics your paid search display campaigns the implications for this are pretty awesome but the idea here is very similar to you if you ever run facebook adds this will be pretty native you just come in and you start to select some criteria that describes your audience and you'll see at the top here that the number of persons changing we'll just select a couple of income levels here mid scale through up scale incomes will say we're looking for college grads who are say mostly home owners with an above average tech usage it looks like there's four persons there so let's just take that down will say just home owners so we're looking for me up scale audience college educated above average tech usage who are home owners there's one persona a little bit over four well call it four and a quarter million people hair under four and a court million people but there it's matched to the clair tas prism profile that is best suited based on those answers what's really cool is the next part where then we look at on a national level on a buy county basis which counties have the highest number of those people which counties have the highest percentage of those people so might say i want to reach the most number of those people well it's harris county right there a hundred and two thousand one hundred and twenty six targets that matched that prison profile in that county so could be your t v span your direct mail spend your out of home spend any of your offline media spend this is a great way to quickly identified the markets that you should be looking at another thing that you can do here's you could start to layer in some filters so maybe you said hey i wanted target counties that have at least at least twenty thousand of the target that i'm looking to reach and then i want to have at least an on target percentage of five percent in that county or more well if you do all of that you'll drill down to pretty clear picture here there's five counties best suited for you to reach that audience we think that persona builder is going to be one of the keys for brands for marketers who are looking to by pass those walled gardens to take advantage of some great location data and especially for brands that are already using this in their t v and their radio buys being able to that same methodology to other four mats that you might be considering i would think is pretty exciting so that's your daily tear sheet another day another d s p but hey it's not without fear if you want you get access to those tools just email me tim at one screen dot a i get you set up it's completely free to use get in their play around if you're media buyer it's going to help you to understand different markets that maybe you haven't previously considered some of those misunderstood and undervalued opportunities that we know are really important that on the other side if you are a media seller and you help brand to deploy advertising this is going to be a tool for you to be able to very at a high level in a modern way be able to lead a conversation about finding that audience with a high degree of confidence and being able to deploy that advertising investment confidently as with with as little waste as possible so that is your daily tear sheet remember that share of voice equals share of mind share of mind equal share of market when you've got something to say make it count we'll see next time