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Episode 096 - The Immersive Revolution w/ Bob Johns of BOLDSITE Media

March 24, 2022 Tim Rowe Season 1 Episode 96
OOH Insider
Episode 096 - The Immersive Revolution w/ Bob Johns of BOLDSITE Media
Show Notes

Bob Johns, VP Media & Marketing at BOLDSITE Media, talks about the American Dream Mall’s network of screens and its ability to create immersive brand experiences.
BOLDSITE Media, is a destination media company that creates boundless brand environments. They are motivated to design unparalleled immersive and integrated brand stories.

ut-of-home has an amazing ability to connect to people throughout their daily lives.

  • The American Dream has 138 displays inside that are synchronized on one network. This allows brands to foster unique, immersive brand experiences across the property.
  • The American Dream is a premiere destination that attracts and influences a variety of audiences across the Tri-state area. The opportunities are endless between the 12 million visitors, screens that face the MetLife Stadium parking lot, and drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike.
  • There is not a specific bucket that American Dream fits into. Depending on the brand it is either destination, playspace, or mall media.
  • Mall media is not what it used to be since the pandemic. Traditional malls have had to redefine themselves into a destination medium.
  • Destination media is defined by the way that audiences have the opportunity to interactive with displays in an environment, such as American Dream, to create a brand experience.


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